CB Server 4 - Analytic & Data Display

I just recently upgraded from CB 3.0.1 CE to version 4.0.0 CE. Running on Windows 20012 R2.

In doing so I did a full reinstall and recreation of the bucket (uninstall, reinstall, new bucket name).

After doing so, The server resource data for one of my servers is no longer displaying. Top part of image shows details, from the server overview, the RAM Usage, Swap Usage show N/A and CPU Usage shows 0%. But items and Data / Disk usage continues adjusting as items get added.

However if I go into the server specifically, the more detailed metrics show the server is getting accessed (bottom part of image). I have connections, gets per second, writes, memory used, etc. (when under version 3 all three servers displayed correctly).

I have failed it over, rebalanced, and even gone so far as to remove and fully reinstall the server. But each time it comes back the same way.

The logs show no errors, windows event viewer shows no errors.
I’m stumped. Any ideas / suggestions?