Cant create document on iOS with phonegap

Hello Guys !

I really hope you can help me, since iOS 9 when I try to create the database I get the next error:

{readyState:0, “status”: 0, “statusText”:“Error: TimeoutEttot: DOM Exception 23” }

This is only happening on iOS, in android works perfectly.

this is the way i create the database:

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createDataBase: function(){
    return this.makeRequest("PUT", this.dbUrl + this.dbName);

makeRequest: function(method, url, params, data) {
    var settings = {
        method: method,
        url: url,
        async: false
    if(params) {
        settings.params = params;
    if(data) { = JSON.stringify(data);
    settings.success = function(result){
        alert("ok: " + JSON.stringify(result));
        return result;
    settings.error = function(error){
        alert("error: "+ JSON.stringify(error));
        return error;

    var ajax = $.ajax(settings);

	return JSON.parse(ajax.responseText);
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I really hope you can help me guys. Thanks.