Bulk Operations

I am using Spring Couchbase cache and I have to cache around 300000 entries into the CB cache, but that takes around 10 minutes. Can I make it faster? I am working with binary data.

@rohan.agarwal what are “lac” entries if I may ask? It takes 10 minutes to store 3 documents?

lac means 0.1M, it’s the Indian number format

That equals to around 500 ops/s which sounds very low. How big are your documents, are you accessing the cache in a multithreaded fashion and can you use direct SDK access or a console tool like “cbc pillowfight” to figure out if its a couchbase issue?

I can use direct SDK access but I have binary data and could not find a way to use java SDK to save binary data using bulk operations. Total 300000 docs in binary format are about 19MB. What I used was spring couchbase cache i.e. abstraction of Spring cache and couchbase implementation.