Asp.Net Session State Provider & custom serializers

Hey Couchbase fans,

I have a question regarding the SessionStateProvider in conjunction with custom Client serializers. Hopefully someone could provide some insights. My questions are:

  • Can you have a custom serializer in conjunction with the SessionStateProvider?

  • Is it possible to store the session state information using a different serializer?

I’m asking this because I would like to try storing the session data using the Jil or protobuf serializer.

Thanks and kind regards,

Hi @kevin.bronsdijk,

You probably meant to post this in the .NET forum:

It’s been a while since you asked, but there has been some recent discussion on the couchbase session provider that you might want to check out: Installation couchbase-session provider



Hi Matthew,

Thank you so much for contacting me. This is exactly what I wanted to know.

Thanks and kind regards,

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