Android & LiveQuery - Error in log - W/CursorWindow﹕ Window is full


In my Android app, i have modified 2 queries to LiveQuery, as my data are updated almost continuously.
They running on small view (only 1 doc emitted at the moment). so not a lot of data to process…

But i noticed lot of slowdown since that moment, and i keep receiving :

W/CursorWindow﹕ Window is full: requested allocation 60 bytes, free space 29 bytes, window size 2097152 bytes

What does it mean ?


Hi @heretyk,

/CursorWindow﹕ Window is full: requested allocation...

This message is logged when app does not have enough available memory. From my experience, CBL uses a lot of memory, and GC becomes busy to release memory, then it makes app slow.

This issue is addressed with v1.1.0. Are you using v1.1.0?

Note: Memory usage is depends on number of documents and document size.


Thanks, yes i am using 1.1.0

You can close this issue. It was, as you said, memory issues due to duplicated queries.
I managed to optimize queries and code.