Events Category: German

AWS Summit Berlin

Meet Couchbase on May 15th and 16th at the AWS Summit Berlin as Platinum sponsor! Learn about our Cloud Database Platform and how we integrate seamlessly with AWS services. Stop by our booth P01 to chat with our experts, explore live demos, and discover how Couchbase can elevate your cloud-native applications. Be sure to see our presentation “Smart Move: Couchbase CE to EE and AWS Graviton” at May, 16th at 11:15am – 11:45pm.

Couchbase Cache & Cocktails Roadshow

Meet the Couchbase development and management team and enjoy tasty drinks in great bars. Topic: Discover the possibilities and benefits of NoSQL databases. You will learn how the Couchbase database platform can support you with adaptive applications and get to know our brand new features such as Real-time Data Analytics and Vector Search. The event offers a relaxed atmosphere to discuss the potential of AI-driven apps. Take the opportunity to expand your knowledge!