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  • Capella

    Couchbase as a Service

  • Server

    Couchbase locally

  • Kubernetes Operator

    Cloud-native database

  • Mobile & Edge

    Embedded No SQL

Couchbase Capella


Build faster with Capella. Simple and automated setup, management, maintenance, backups, and scaling – delivering security and high availability on AWS, GCP, and Azure.

  • Flexible: JSON documents align to objects in your applications
  • Fast: Integrated cache delivers proven in-memory speeds at scale
  • Versatile: Access data via SQL or key-value; built-in full-text search, eventing, and analytics
  • Easy as SQL: Capella iQ, AI-powered assistant, to interact with data and write code
  • Mobile App Services: Build always-on apps that work even without the internet. Sync, store, query, search, and analyze at the edge

Test drive: Try Capella’s core features free for 30 days. Start in minutes.

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Couchbase Server


A full-featured, multimodel distributed NoSQL database. Experience the unmatched flexibility, familiarity, and performance of NoSQL on the easiest platform to manage and scale, all risk-free as you transform your business with modern business-critical applications.

Couchbase Autonomous Operator


Couchbase Lite


Couchbase Lite is a standards-based embedded NoSQL JSON document database for edge devices running mobile, desktop, server, and IoT applications. The Enterprise Edition builds on the robust functionality included in the Community Edition, and includes features such as encryption, peer-to-peer inter-device sync, on-device failover, predictive query API for machine learning predictions, delta sync for optimized data transfer, and more.

Sync Gateway


Enterprise-grade Sync Gateway builds on the strong foundations of the Community version and includes scaling, performance, availability, and security enhancements for business-critical mobile and edge computing applications. Features include delta sync for optimized data transfer, sharding of imports, tunable options for cache management, load balancing and HA of inter-Sync Gateway replications, and more.


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