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What is Couchbase?

Couchbase is a distributed and highly scalable memory-first document database that provides the capabilities you like most from a traditional relational database. Plus, it’s fast, flexible, always on, and has no single point of failure. (Note: Couchbase is not CouchDB)

Key attributes of Couchbase include:

  • Data stored as JSON
  • Data queried via SQL++
  • Supports multi-document ACID transactions
  • Uses key-value access
  • Has a built-in search engine
  • Provides high-performance caching
  • Automatically shards data
  • Supports analytic workloads
  • Has an advanced mobile database

“Couchbase is a go-to database for innovators. It’s a modern, yet very mature, solution that’s been used for years in retail, e-commerce, travel, hospitality, healthcare, media, and many other industries…”

Denis Rosa
Developer Advocate

Advantages over MongoDB™

Feature Couchbase MongoDB






Shared-nothing, efficient

Requires primary/secondary, config and load balancing servers



Not included

Query examples

Couchbase SQL++
MongoDB™ Query
SELECT SUM(value * volume) AS val, symbol
FROM   db.stocks
WHERE  symbol IN ( "AAPL", "GOOG" ) AND value > 0
GROUP  BY symbol
ORDER  BY val DESC, symbol ASC
  { "$match": {
    "$and": [
      {"symbol": {
        "$in": [
      { "value": {
      "$gt": 0 }}]}},
  { "$group": {
    "_id": {
      "symbol": "$symbol" },
    "sum(value * volume)": {
      "$sum": {
        "$multiply": [
  { "$project": {
    "_id": 0,
    "sum(value * volume)": "$sum(value * volume)",
    "symbol": "$_id.symbol"}}
  { "$sort": {
    "sum(value * volume)": -1,
    "symbol": 1 }}]})

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