Develop with Agility

Easier, Faster Development

Couchbase Server enables you to build applications easier, faster and with greater agility by leveraging the flexibility of JSON and the power of SQL.


  • Avoid learning a new API: leverage native language and framework integration
  • Write less code: write SQL-based queries instead of complex application code
  • Add features on demand: create new queries and indexes instead of modifying the data
  • Respond to changing requirements: extend or modify a flexible data model so applications can evolve
  • Access the data needed: read and write specific fields, objects, and arrays within a document


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Flexible Data Modeling

Couchbase Server enables you to build applications that evolve over time: Since the data model is defined by your application, you can extend and modify it on demand.


  • Avoid the impedance mismatch: create a data model that matches your application
  • Avoid excessive denormalization: reference shared data and query it with JOINs
  • Simplify your data model: store related data as embedded lists and objects
  • Avoid duplicate data: create new queries and indexes on demand
  • Avoid "schema change" requests: extend or modify the data on demand


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Powerful Querying

Couchbase Server enables you to interact with data easily and in advanced ways, by writing concise but powerful queries with N1QL — a declarative query language that extends SQL.


  • Create advanced queries with ease: sort, filter, aggregate, and transform data
  • Combine data without writing code: JOIN related data with a query
  • Query embedded data: NEST or UNNEST data, index and query arrays, and more
  • Query the same data in different ways: create functional, compound, and partial indexes
  • Choose from multiple consistency levels: eventual, strict, and read your own writes


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SQL Integration and Migration

Couchbase Server enables you to migrate relational data and integrate with SQL-based enterprise tools using standard SQL features and drivers.

  • Use enterprise BI and reporting tools: leverage standard, certified JDBC/ODBC drivers
  • Migrate relational data as is: migrate data without transforming or denormalizing it
  • Refactor relational queries with ease: convert SQL queries to N1QL queries with little effort
  • Browse inferred schemas and ad-hoc query results: take advantage of the Query Workbench


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Big Data Integration

Couchbase Server enables you to integrate with big data platforms and technologies to perform both offline and real-time analysis of operational data.


  • Analyze data with Spark: analyze data with Spark and Spark SQL jobs, store the results
  • Stream data for real-time analysis: continuously stream data to Spark Streaming or Storm
  • Process data with Hadoop: export data to Hadoop for processing, import the results
  • Distribute data with Kafka: continuously publish data to multiple subscribers via Kafka queues


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Mobile / IoT Extensions

Couchbase Server enables you to create mobile apps that provide a great user experience by accessing a local, embedded database that automatically synchronizes with the cloud.


  • Improve responsiveness, enable offline support: read and write to a local, embedded database
  • Simplify development: leverage built-in, automatic synchronization instead of doing it yourself
  • Support multiple platforms: synchronize data across multiple platforms — iOS, Android, .NET, and more
  • Reduce bandwidth cost: synchronize changes and apply filters instead of pulling down all data


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