Super Evil Megacorp

Taking mobile gaming to the next level



Customer application

  • Mobile gaming


Use case

  • User profile store


Key features

  • Multi-dimensional scaling
  • Cross datacenter replication (XDCR)

Super Evil Mega Corp logo white

Super Evil Megacorp is on a mission to be the best online and mobile gaming experience in the world. But that quest was in peril when their platform reached maximum capacity. Couchbase proved to be the perfect solution. It enabled the company to migrate their game modules and player accounts without any downtime – and now Couchbase delivers sub-millisecond latency while getting back more data than before. Multi-dimensional scaling allows Super Evil Megacorp to flexibly grow its architecture however and whenever it needs to. And because they can use commodity hardware, the company expects to cut its database costs by 60%-70%.


“With Couchbase, we know we can scale to accommodate even 10x growth. As a result, we can expand our business without our technology slowing us down.”

Dwayn Matthies
Senior Platform Engineer, Super Evil Megacorp


  • Deliver exceptional low-latency performance, enabling players to have an immersive gaming experience
  • Scale quickly and cost-effectively so the company can continue to register new players and expand into new geographic regions while controlling costs
  • Help ensure high availability, avoiding the downtime that can ruin the gaming experience and drive players to other games


  • Sub-millisecond latency keeps millions of players engaged and in the moment with real-time interactions
  • Easy scalability accommodates large-scale player growth up to 10x
  • Cross datacenter replication ensures high availability
  • Smaller nodes along with cost-effective disks save 60-70% in monthly database costs