Creating a safer workplace


Customer application

  • Mobile workplace inspection application


Use case

  • Mobile data management


Key features

  • N1QL
  • Multi-dimensional scaling
  • Cross datacenter replication (XDCR)

SafetyCulture logo white


The Australian company SafetyCulture helps organizations around the world create safer and higher-quality workplaces through innovative, low-cost mobile-first products. Their customers have conducted more than 30 million inspections using the SafetyCulture iAuditor application. The company’s public library, which contains more than 70,000 user-submitted industry checklist templates, is the largest repository in the world.

“Applications evolve very quickly. With Couchbase, we can add new capabilities to our iAuditor application without having to make large changes to the data platform.”

Brett Porter
Head of Architecture, SafetyCulture


  • Gaining scalability for continued growth
  • Maintaining performance for a responsive experience
  • Achieving flexibility for evolving applications


  • Able to support an expanding customer base and a growing number of documents
  • Couchbase cache provides the performance required for responsive user experience
  • Supports continuous application innovation with minimal changes to the data platform

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