Reinventing the customer experience with blazing fast bookings


Customer application

  • Online and mobile flight booking
  • Crew services

NoSQL solution

Use case

  • Session store
  • User profile store
  • Product and pricing
  • Offline access


Key features

Ryanair logo white

Ryanair is Europe’s largest airline group, carrying over 153M passengers per year on more than 2,400 daily flights. Ryanair made the move to Couchbase when their mobile app could no longer keep up with their booming business. Couchbase Mobile’s embedded database and integrated sync enabled Ryanair to significantly improve performance and user experience without a major re-architecture. Today, mobile bookings that used to take more than 5 minutes can take less than 30 seconds – even without a reliable network connection.

“Couchbase allowed our developers to take ownership and change business rules on the fly without having to rebuild the app. This reduces the number of app versions and lets us focus on what we actually have to do.”

Joaquim Oliveira
Head of Mobile Development, Ryanair


  • Enhance mobile booking experience by speeding up app performance, even with unreliable internet connectivity

  • Improve management of cached data without significant re-architecture of mobile app

  • Enable consistent cross-platform support to improve customer experience


  • Couchbase-powered app has vastly higher customer ratings
  • 90% faster booking process
  • Network traffic for bookings 87% lower
  • Mobile data auto syncs as it changes
  • App works for iOS and Android platforms