Scalable video platform supports over a million concurrent viewers using Couchbase


Customer application

  • Global television media solution


Use case

  • User profile store
  • Session store
  • Caching


Key Features

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Red Bull TV is a global multi-platform channel, distributed digitally on connected TVs, smartphones, tablets, and on its website. The channel is available globally and free of charge. The company needed to create a superior viewing experience for users to consume over 1,000 hours of customer content. Couchbase performance at scale allows Red Bull TV to grow in lock-step with demand while easy integration with infrastructure components like Vertx and Kafka allows the company to make better business decisions based on viewer analytics.


  • Red Bull TV needed to create a personalized, highly scalable, high-performance experience for viewers

  • Complex architecture: MongoDB and Redis support Data Services component

  • Over 1,000 hours of custom content need to be served to viewers


  • Couchbase acts as the key value persistence layer for all profile data
  • Integrates with Vertx and Kafka, providing the scale and performance the company needs to support viewer experience and backend analytics
  • Supports up to 1M concurrent users during key events/shows

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