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Since 2001, Paul Mason Consulting (PMC) has provided trusted expertise for strategy development, technology transformation, and IT support to over 100 retail organizations around the world. When the British clothing retailer Crew Clothing had to reinvent its in-person shopping experience during COVID-19, PMC partnered with Couchbase on AWS to develop a fully mobile hand-held sales solution that provides full functionality anywhere on the shop floor or in remote pop-ups.

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uptime for all transactions processed


reduction in staff turnover due to a reduced workload


    • Build a more flexible POS solution that could adapt to modern times and address new challenges
    • Rapidly scale a fully mobile solution across a large number of retail locations
    • Improve the customer experience to keep customers engaged and happy


    • Transactions processed with 100% uptime
    • 85% of total transactions are processed through the new mobile solution
    • Customer experience has vastly improved, and staff turnover has decreased by 22% due to a reduced workload
By partnering with Couchbase and PMC, we were able to integrate a fully mobile sales solution and remove the fixed point-of-sale setup from our pop-up environments, simplifying the transaction process and creating a true customer-centric experience.

Richard Surman Head of IT, Crew Clothing

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