Unmatched scalability and consistent 500 ms response times for IP video platform with Couchbase

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Customer application

  • Video session and resource manager application

NoSQL solution

Use case

  • User profile store


Cloud provider

  • AWS

Key Features

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Leading utility company PG&E has more than 16 million customers and 20,000 employees. To work effectively over a huge geographic area, the company needs to provide PG&E gas and electric power inspectors in the field with real-time data, such as customer account information, utility infrastructure maps, and safety information. With Couchbase, the company can connect its teams with this data, whether they’re offline or online, while improving service and lowering the cost of field visits. Cross datacenter replication (XDCR) adds resiliency, ensuring workers can depend on the application to be available when they arrive at the job site.



“For us to set up a resilient implementation of Couchbase, it took us minutes. We stood up three servers, lit ‘em up, balanced the load, and instantly we were resilient.”

Robert Lawrence
Product Owner of Digital Catalysts Platforms, PG&E


  • Build a foundational service request management platform to streamline and improve support

  • Microservices approach to move data from field to ERP, data services, customer-facing apps, and back again

  • Single source of truth for field technicians

  • Improve mobile development productivity and agility


  • Quickly respond to service requests and easily coordinate field teams

  • Improved asset/risk management

  • Real-time, relevant info for improved safety/quality

  • Multi-channel customer support

  • Fast, easy mobile development

  • Automated business processes speed service, lower costs for field work