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Millennial Media moves from Aerospike to Couchbase

Millennial Media, the leading independent audience platform in digital advertising, has selected Couchbase as its primary application backend. Previously, Millennial had been using the NoSQL database Aerospike. With the move, Millennial Media can continue to focus on delivering innovation and thought leadership in mobile advertising.


Millennial Media


Couchbase Server

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Why Couchbase

After rigorous internal testing, Millennial Media found that Couchbase was the best solution to support its application’s needs. With its built-in caching technology enabling sub-millisecond response times, Couchbase Server allowed for the extremely high and consistent performance Millennial Media needed.

The ease of scaling out nodes across clusters was also a key driver in Millennial Media’s move away from Aerospike to Couchbase. Couchbase’s Cross Data Center Replication (XDCR) feature allowed Millennial to successfully support its two data centers.


More features like auto-sharding, high-availability, failover, built-in cluster management and monitoring are essential to the overall health of the Millennial Media application.

About Millennial Media 

Millennial Media is the leading independent audience platform in digital advertising.

Our approach to audience targeting helps brands connect to consumers in powerful ways and helps developers maximize their revenue. Our robust cross-screen targeting capabilities, enabled by our unique data asset and full technology stack, deliver meaningful results for advertisers and developers.

With our mobile-first roots stretching back to 2006, Millennial Media is uniquely situated to leverage mobile as the foundation for a redefinition of what advertising can be – and what we can deliver. We build upon a mobile foundation, then deliver best-in-class solutions.