About McGraw-Hill Education and Couchbase

When McGraw-Hill Education (MHE) decided it was time to move its traditional media publishing company into the digital world, it started by taking lessons from advertising and social gaming companies. Like those companies, MHE wanted to scale to millions of users while supporting open content, metadata from third parties, and interactive apps in order to provide a rich and personalized experience for every user. MHE experimented with a number of technologies including XML databases, SQL, in-memory data grids, and enterprise search servers – but none of them could provide the massive scalability MHE required. After identifying existing use cases that matched what they were trying to achieve, MHE realized their perfect combination was Couchbase Server with Elasticsearch. The result is a self-adapting learning portal that delivers personalized results for every learner. Users can browse and search text, video, and images with lightning fast access to both the content and metadata. The users’ profiles are automatically enhanced based on their behaviors and actions, then the profiles are incorporated into search queries to deliver personalized results.

About McGraw-Hill Education

McGraw-Hill Education is a learning science company that delivers personalized learning experiences that help students, parents, educators and professionals drive results. McGraw-Hill Education has offices across North America, India, China, Europe, the Middle East and South America, and makes its learning solutions available in nearly 60 languages.


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McGraw-Hill Edcuation: NoETL - Real time data & Incremental MapReduce – Couchbase [SF] 2013

McGraw-Hill Edcuation: NoETL - Real time data & Incremental MapReduce – Couchbase [SF] 2013

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