Creating the world’s favorite place to shop and sell


Customer application

  • Online auction platform

NoSQL solution

Use case

  • User profile store
  • Shopping cart


Key Features

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As one of the world’s most popular e-commerce companies, eBay runs over 4,000 database servers supporting 1.3 billion live listings worldwide. Over time, eBay realized they were paying Oracle too much for features they didn’t want, while not getting all the features they needed. By switching their key-value store and document database to Couchbase’s NoSQL database, eBay improved application performance and availability, while developers gained a more flexible schema that allowed them to use their existing SQL skills.

“One common use case is caching in front of Oracle so we don’t have to add more Oracle. It also gives us good scalability, very high read and write performance, and throughput which is amazing.”

Feng Qu
Senior MTS, eBay


  • Oracle licensing, hardware, and support costs made scaling overly expensive

  • Oracle’s ACID features impacted performance of a key e-commerce application

  • Oracle lacked native sharding and replication features


  • Linear scalability and high read/write throughput keep applications highly responsive even as users increase

  • Location-aware low latency querying boosts performance for 110B Couchbase calls per day

  • Auto-sharding distributes data evenly across nodes, while cross datacenter replication keeps sites highly available

  • Flexible schema increases developer agility