See why you need an embedded database at the edge

Enable modern mobile apps that are always fast and always on

Blazing speed, guaranteed

Couchbase Mobile provides real-time responsiveness through its ability to run anywhere without a central cloud control point, including on device, ensuring maximum speed and throughput for latency-sensitive applications.


Couchbase has a built-in managed cache to enable a memory-first architecture. Read and write operations run at the speed of RAM.

  • Microsecond latency and lightning-fast performance
  • Easy scale-out to accommodate your growing workloads
  • Automatic sharding, automatic failover, and automatic replication

Customer success spotlight

Providing real-time lodging options to the world’s travelers, with 24/7 availability. Building customer loyalty through exceptional experiences. Marriott uses Couchbase to support their open source, cloud-based, distributed architecture enabling them to reduce application development costs, improve speed, and modernize their infrastructure.

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13M+ documents
4,000 transactions/second

Read how the world’s biggest professional network keeps 450 million members engaged. Site reliability is their lifeblood. Billions of page hits/day and tens of thousands of servers need to be monitored, logged, and analyzed. They depend on Couchbase Server to keep it all running.

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10M+ queries/second
5B+ documents

How does the largest travel bookings engine manage its exploding look-to-book ratio? They have to balance high customer expectations, fierce competition, and pressure on bottom-line margins. Couchbase Server helps meet global customer demand without breaking the bank.

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8M+ queries per second
20B+ documents

Global financial services companies, like Equifax, have unique challenges. Learn how Couchbase powers Fannie Mae’s 24-month, online, trended data platform, combining information from three credit reporting sources as well as real-time, online updates.

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5 millisecond SLA
1.5B ever-changing records