Introducing Couchbase Academy
Just a few weeks ago at our Connect Online event, we announced a new program for Couchbase Training that includes a name change and a new certification program. The official name of our training program is “Couchbase Academy”. The Couchbase Academy will act as an umbrella for the entire portfolio of Couchbase training offerings and will expand to include Couchbase certification as well.

There are several important reasons why we are making this change. We are focused on providing a comprehensive set of training, designed to enable our customers to be successful and highly efficient while using Couchbase products. This means offering Couchbase training and certification for different personas from Developer to Architect to Administrator and taking students from learning the basics to achieving self-sufficiency. As part of this program, we offer Couchbase training in different modes, both free self-paced training and paid instructor-led training. The new name is designed to reflect this shift in focus and the web pages help tell that story.

Couchbase Academy offers tracks designed to support our key user personas. Levels allow Academy students to move through increasing degrees of difficulty on a path toward self-sufficiency.

Couchbase Academy - Courses and Certification

Be sure to check out our new Couchbase Academy pages at

Couchbase Associate Java Developer Course and Exam released
We also recently released the Couchbase Associate Java Developer course and added a proctored exam designed to lead to certification. This course relies on a highly interactive way of delivering the content, coupled with hands-on exercises. The goal is to provide an e-Learning experience that leverages high learner engagement, which allows for high retention of concepts taught. An Associate-level course is meant to enable basic proficiency with Couchbase and set the learner on the road to success in creating solutions with Couchbase.

Along with the course, we have released our first-ever certification, overseen by a third-party proctor, and attested to by a third-party badging vendor. The Couchbase Associate Java Developer exam offers multiple-choice questions related to the topics in the associated course. While it’s not a requirement to complete the corresponding course materials before taking the examination, taking the course is the best way to prepare for success on the Associate Java Developer Certification Exam. With the purchase of an exam, we provide a study guide to help candidates prepare for the exam. Exam takers will need to schedule an exam time with the proctor and take the exam under the supervision of a remote proctor.

To learn more about the process of earning Couchbase certification, visit

This course and associated certification are the first of many certifications we intend to deliver for all personas and across all training levels. Continue to check back often as we expand our portfolio of training courses and certifications.


Posted by Mark Secrist

Mark Secrist is Director of Technical Training at Couchbase. Prior to joining Couchbase, Mark served as Director of Global Education Delivery at Pivotal for nearly seven years, and he served as Sr. Staff Technical Trainer at VMWare previous to Pivotal. Prior to his leadership in education and training programs, he held various roles with JMA Information Technology, Citrix Systems, and Hewlett-Packard.

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