Last week was very busy. We at NorthScale had the release of beta 2 of membase followed by membase's presence at a second conference. Though we'd already launched the project, OSCON was a great platform to get into further detail about membase itself, the project behind it, what's in the roadmap and how other folks can get involved.

I had the opportunity to do this through a session at the conference. Slides are available for download.

Unfortunately, this presentation was not recorded, but you can certainly post questions here and I'd be glad to answer.

Our partners from NHN also attended the session, contributing some information on how they came to membase and deploy. It was great that they were willing to give us a peek behind the curtain a bit.

There are several slides in there about their current cache deployment and their involvement in membase. This is serious stuff. Daily, their cache and membase deployment are right in the critical path of the top dozen or so applications at NHN. These service 17M users daily across their 250 M unique users. In China alone, their services touch up to 750K concurrent users.

The success in deployment of moxi and memcached there have both given confidence in and lended to the design and ongoing deployment of membase at NHN.

Please look over the slides and join us over on the mailing list/IRC/XMPP off of or send me a note if you'd like to learn more.


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