Where can you learn about amazing technologies around Smart Home, IoT, Mobile, Wearables, Location Based Services and Health?  

Well, over at Samsung Developer Conference in San Francisco this week you can and I am completely stoked about attending along side our Chief Architect of Mobile, Wayne Carter, and Sr. Mobile Engineer, Zack Gramana.  It is packed with technical in-depth sessions from ranging industry experts on those hot topics; deciding which ones to attend will be the challenge but I am looking forward to meeting all the great folks at the event.

Drop by the Couchbase Mobile Booth at the event if you are attending the conference as we will be doing some mobile Demos and you will be able to chat with the mobile team that built the innovative technology.  And, we are giving away some awesome prizes such as Beat’s urbeats, Studio Over-Ear Headphones and Pill Portable Speaker. Best of all, you will get a chance to win the slick DJI Phanton 2 Vision Quadcopter Drone at the Couchbase booth!

Samsung is making a huge strides in the Wearables and Health sectors and there is no better time to do it than now as Samsung Electronics’ Young Sohn, Chief Strategy Officer of Device Solutions said, “there is a tremendous opportunity at the intersection of health and technology.”  Mobile devices are becoming the central platform that will enable devices to extend the experience beyond what we are currently used to.  Young Sohn also mentioned that the “single biggest opportunity of our generation” is better understanding our environment and physical well being.  

Now, we will all get a glimpse of the technical components of Samsung’s strategy on Fitness, Health well-being through Wearables this coming week at their Developer Conference sessions.  

Screen Shot 2014-11-09 at 11.27.24 AM.png

Young Sohn at Samsung Digital Health Launch Event

Earlier this year during Samsung Digital Health Launch event, Simband health-tracking wristband was teased as the “investigational device, not available for sale.”  The device is part of Samsung’s strategic ambition to open up the ecosystem through Samsung Architecture Multimodal Interactions (S.A.M.I.) which “will be a data broker that will enable wearable devices like those based on Simband to upload information to the cloud”  

The session on “Building SAMI Applications Anywhere” by Maneesh Sahu will introduce the APIs to onboard devices, such as the Simband and will be valuable for developers interested in building new applications and experiences involving highly detailed data around digital health and IoT.  Tony Tam at the 11/13 session will demo and showcase why Ram Fish, Vice President of Digital Health for Samsung Electronics said that “Simband is only half of the story.”  

The full mobile story includes Data in the Cloud and it is where I am excited about with Couchbase Mobile because it is the cloud solution that provides the ability to have always available apps that work offline and online.  This is essential to where mobile is trending towards as “the other half is taking this data and turning it into valuable insights,” like Ram Fish mentioned.


Join me this entire week as I document my journey through the mobile sessions and experiences over at Samsung’s Developer Conference. You will learn about the hottest mobile topics from industry experts throughout the conference and get a first hand perspective on all the exciting technologies up and coming from Samsung.

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William Hoang

Mobile Developer Advocate

Couchbase Inc.

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/sweetiewill


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