When it comes to cloud software, developers prefer choice while IT teams like control.

AWS Marketplace provides both: a catalog full of innovative software solutions, including Couchbase Cloud Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS), and a single system that makes it easy to find, procure and manage all of your subscriptions in one place. As of today, that also now includes Couchbase professional services, training and certification.

Customers who want assistance with building Couchbase applications or who are seeking to develop in-house Couchbase expertise can get these through the AWS Marketplace.

In adding professional services to our AWS Marketplace listings, Couchbase has made it easy to get everything you’ll need to optimize your environment. Previously, only our software solutions were made available through our AWS Marketplace listings. Now, instead of purchasing Couchbase professional services separately, these can be included together with Couchbase software purchased through an AWS Marketplace Private Offer.

Find the Right Fit For the Job

Enterprises choose Couchbase professional services, training and certification courses for a variety of reasons.

Couchbase Professional Services supplement your team to reduce the time, effort and cost associated with building, deploying and managing your applications. Training and certification courses increase your team’s skill level with specific Couchbase products to jumpstart a new Couchbase project, migrate from a relational database, effectively scale your application, or upgrade your data cache to a data store – and that’s just the beginning!

Recommended to go along with a purchase of Couchbase Cloud, is the Cloud Readiness Review. Engage Couchbase experts to thoroughly review your application and intended AWS deployment to confirm readiness for Couchbase Cloud.

For more information about the professional services, training and certifications offered by Couchbase, please see the following resources:

Make Your AWS Investment Go Further

With Couchbase software and services, you get the best of the cloud while making your AWS investment work harder for your business.

On top of all the benefits of procuring Couchbase through the AWS Marketplace, we’re offering various promotions in collaboration with AWS. A few are highlighted below.

    • Deploying Couchbase Cloud on AWS this year? Take advantage of the Couchbase Cloud New User Starter Kit promotion available for a limited time, that includes big savings, matching credits and free Couchbase training and certification.
    • Enroll in a free Couchbase Cloud Trial on AWS and you can receive an AWS infrastructure voucher once you spin up your first cluster on AWS.
    • Transact your first-time Couchbase AWS Private Offer and you can qualify for AWS infrastructure credits based on a percentage of your total purchase.
    • Migrate your legacy or existing Couchbase workloads to Couchbase Cloud on AWS and receive AWS infrastructure credits to offset a portion of your database migration costs.

Many of these promotions can be combined. Contact us to learn more and see if your application or workload qualifies.


At Couchbase, we understand your need to build responsive and flexible cloud, mobile and edge computing applications that scale effortlessly. So why not get the power of Couchbase with the best of AWS?

Get Couchbase through the AWS Marketplace to leverage the unmatched versatility, performance, scalability and financial value of Couchbase’s modern cloud database, all while taking advantage of AWS’ cloud TCO advantages, pricing plans, simplicity, convenience, data security, scaling, resource usage and more.

By making our best software and professional services available for purchase through the AWS Marketplace, we know it helps you build fast, scale big and save more.

Are you ready to take the next step in your modern cloud database journey? Learn how to do more with Couchbase on AWS by contacting us today.



Posted by Brittany Bentley, Global Cloud Partnerships

As Global Head of Cloud Partnerships at Couchbase, Brittany is responsible for driving strategic partnerships with the public cloud providers. With over 10 years of experience in the technology industry, she has held various roles across business development, sales, and engineering-- including software and digital signal processing algorithm development. Brittany brings a distinctive combination of experience to identify key discriminators, create winning go-to-market strategies to bring innovative solutions to market, and develop business alliances that create exceptional value. Prior to joining Couchbase, she established and led the Lockheed Martin Corporation partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and led business development for a high-visibility program to bring a new product to market in collaboration with AWS. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s Degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Arizona State University Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering.

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