Couchbase provides the database and tools for you to create amazing experiences across all platforms be it server or mobile.  And at Couchbase, we love developers!  The Couchbase Experts and Champions program has launched and we would love to surface all the amazing things you have been doing in the community! 

Join together with fellow Couchbase Experts and Champions from around the world to make an impact in your local developer community.  This is where you will have an opportunity to become a core contributor and community advocate who share knowledge, expertise and enthusiasm with the global Couchbase community.

Be recognized as a Champion in the community for providing solutions to problems on the Couchbase Forums and meet with developers over at local Couchbase meet-ups.  Some of the activities that the Couchbase Champion program involve are:

  • Representing and engaging with the community.  Organizing or attending Couchbase meet-ups.
  • Online presence through contributions to the Couchbase forums and blogs by responding to community questions.


Couchbase is an Open Source Project and you have an opportunity to be recognized as an elite Expert contributor.  Some of the Couchbase Developer Expert (CDE) program involve are:  

  • Domain knowledge in features of the platform and SDKs that Couchbase supports and providing your expertises to project.
  • Contributing and supporting Couchbase Open Source Project through the use of the solution within your own applications.


Benefits of Champion & Expert

Aside from all the great recognization and technology knowledge you will gain, the Couchbase Champion and Expert program offers addition benefits.  Find out about the details over at the Couchbase Champion and Expert program page and reach out to us through Twitter!


Posted by William Hoang, Mobile Developer Advocate, Couchbase

William was a Developer Advocate on the Mobile Engineering/Developer Experience team at Couchbase. His love for coffee and code has transcended him into the world of mobile while appreciating the offline in-person experiences. Prior, William worked on the Developer Relations team over at Twitter, BlackBerry, and Microsoft while also having been a Software Embedded GPS engineer at Research In Motion. William graduated from McGill University in Electrical Software Engineering

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