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Get the 2.0.0-beta release here.

Getting Started

We're just gonna jump right in here and talk how-to. These instructions require you to have installed Eclipse and the Android SDK, via these instructions or similar. Once you have that, you can do this:

  1. Create a new Android project or select an existing project
  2. Copy the and couchbase.xml files into the top-level of the project:
  3. Right-click on couchbase.xml and select Run As > Ant Build (or select it and click the green Run arrow).
  4. Refresh your project

Your App Code

Now that your project supports Couchbase, starting Cocuhbase is accomplished by adding a few things to your application's Main Activity.

1. Create an instance of ICouchbaseDelegate, you can implement these methods to respond to Couchbase events:
  private final ICouchbaseDelegate couchCallbackHandler = newICouchbaseDelegate() {

      public void couchbaseStarted(String host, int port) color   
public void exit(String error) color



2. Declare a ServiceConnection instance to keep a reference to the Couchbase service:
    private ServiceConnection couchServiceConnection;
3.  Add a method to start Couchbase:
    public void startCouchbase() {
        CouchbaseMobile couch = newCouchbaseMobile(getBaseContext(), couchCallbackHandler);
        couchServiceConnection = couch.startCouchbase();
4.  Call the startCouchbase method from the appropriate Activity lifecycle methods.  For many applications the onCreate method is appropriate:
    public void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {

Once Couchbase has started you will get a notification by your delegate callback being called with couchbaseStarted. At that point you have can construct a server and database URLs, and proceed by using high-level libraries like Ektorp.

Client Library

Example Applications


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