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Diagnostics/logs will give us further detail around the issue itself and the health of your environment.

* [cbcollect_info|] [cbcollect_info|] is a command line utility that provides us with detailed statistics for a specific node. Example usage:
* Before running cbcollect_info, we recommend turning off [auto-failover|]
* Run {{cbcollect_info}} on each node individually, not on all simultaneously.

Example usage:

* Linux (run as root or use sudo as below)
{code}sudo /opt/couchbase/bin/cbcollect_info <node_name>.zip{code}

curl --upload-file <FILE NAME><YOUR COMPANY NAME>/

Note: we ship curl with couchbase, on linux this is located in /opt/couchbase/bin/

h3. Firewalled Couchbase Nodes
If your Couchbase nodes do not have internet access, the best way to provide the logs to us is to copy the files then run Curl from a machine with internet access. We ship a Windows curl binary as part of Couchbase, so if you have Couchbase Server installed on a laptop or other system which has an Internet connection you can upload from there. Alternatively you can download standalone Curl for Windows:

Once uploaded, please send an e-mail to letting us know what files have been uploaded.