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*Support email:*
*Support phone number:* +1-650-417-7500, option #1
*Support portal:*

To speed up the resolution of your issue, we will need some information to troubleshoot what is going on. The more information you can provide in the questions below the faster we will be able to identify your issue and propose a fix:
Diagnostics/logs will give us further detail around the issue itself and the health of your environment.

* [cbcollect_info|] [cbcollect_info|] is a command line utility that provides us with detailed statistics for a specific node. Example usage:
* Before running cbcollect_info, we recommend turning off [auto-failover|]
* Run {{cbcollect_info}} on each node individually, not on all simultaneously.

Example usage:

* Linux (run as root or use sudo as below)
{code}sudo /opt/couchbase/bin/cbcollect_info <node_name>.zip{code}

curl --upload-file <FILE NAME><YOUR COMPANY NAME>/