Introducing Couchbase!

Why this merger makes business sense

Simply put, this combination creates a clear leader in the exploding NoSQL database market, assembles a “dream team” of modern data management technology innovators and results in the first comprehensive family of NoSQL database products.

A practical path toward NoSQL database adoption

Membase introduced a practical approach to NoSQL adoption. Instead of replacing relational database technology, Membase can initially be deployed alongside a relational database, caching frequently read data and relieving database pressure. Membase does this with its integrated memcached technology; a technology primarily developed by Membase founders and employees. Memcached is a key ingredient in the scale-out data architecture behind 18 of the top 20 largest web applications including Google, Wikipedia, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and Craigslist. The database pressure relief provided by this mode of deployment gives the organization time to plan and implement a data migration plan.

But Membase goes far beyond Memcached, which is a relatively simple, in-memory-only technology. With a simple configuration change, Membase can also write its data to disk, replicate that data across cluster members and support the addition and removal of servers from the cluster with no application downtime. With these durability and availability features turned on, users can begin to transition data off the relational database to Membase as a system of record.

However, prior to the merger of Membase and CouchOne, Membase lacked features users have come to expect from a database management system – the ability to execute complex queries, to maintain indices and to store data with ACID transaction semantics.

Laying the final bricks in the path, and then some

Meanwhile, CouchOne was focused on solving problems that picked up right where Membase left off. Powered by Apache CouchDB, the industry’s most advanced and widely deployed document database technology (invented by CouchOne founders) CouchOne provides an exceptionally flexible data management platform. With indexing, query, map-reduce, view, ACID transaction and filter capabilities, CouchOne offers the rich data management operations that developers expect from their database.

The combination of these technologies effectively combines the most advanced caching and clustering technology with the most reliable and full-featured document database technology in the industry.


But much like Membase went beyond memcached, CouchOne had innovated far beyond its core Apache CouchDB technology. CouchOne Mobile technology provides iOS and Android mobile platform developers with the tools required to store data behind their native mobile applications. Then it gets really cool. With Apache CouchDB’s synchronization technology, mobile application data can be automatically synchronized with a CouchOne database in the cloud or at an application provider’s data center. 

With Apache CouchDB on the edge of the network, latency and network reliability cease to be barriers to application availability or performance.

Couchbase: The clear leader in NoSQL database technology

Not surprisingly, we are huge believers in the power and promise of NoSQL database technology. And we remain huge believers in open source software: Apache CouchDB will continue as an independent Open Source project and our commitment to is unwavering. We’ve achieved over 10 million combined CouchOne and Membase deployments largely because we’ve never compromised data safety in search of raw performance or market share. Instead, CouchOne and Membase have worked uncompromisingly to develop safe, world-class data management solutions. With this merger, our single-minded focus has paid off: Couchbase will be the safest, fastest and most complete NoSQL database available. And we believe getting that part right means the marketplace will reward us with a dominant position.