Couchbase Customers

Companies around the world rely on Couchbase.

Couchbase customers represent a variety of industries, use cases, and geos worldwide – but they have one thing in common. They need easy scalability, consistent high performance, and 24x365 capabilities for their interactive applications. And they chose Couchbase technology to ensure the application responsiveness and zero downtime that will keep their users happy.

  • “Our vision is for games that are powered by Jawfish to be immediately recognizable as real time, competitive, and incredibly fun. This means that our technology platform has to provide great performance and reliability at scale. Couchbase meets that standard, and is incredibly critical to our ability to deliver on our vision.” - Phil Gordon, CEO, Jawfish Games

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  • “McGraw Hill Education is committed to building innovative digital products and services for the education market. Using new approaches to technology, we are pioneering new ways of teaching and learning with digital technologies. NoSQL database technology, and in particular Couchbase, fits well with our vision. As a document database, Couchbase Server 2.0 provides a flexible data model – including indexing and querying, full-text search integration and incremental Map Reduce – on which we can develop content-rich, highly dynamic, interactive applications that will transform how people teach and learn.”

    – Christopher Tse, Director of McGraw Hill Education Labs

  • “The ability of Couchbase’s solution to quickly and easily scale out data across servers while keeping the application always online was critical for our platform,” said Steven Goh, CEO of mig33, the world’s leading mobile and web community with over 50 million registered users worldwide using their integrated social entertainment services including instant messaging, chat, picture sharing and others. “We deploy Couchbase Server using Amazon Web Services and this combination allows us to dynamically scale our data store to match the changing needs of our application and our future growth requirements.”