Customer Stories

The worlds largest enterprises choose Couchbase for the most demanding web and mobile applications.

The scalability, performance and flexibility requirements of modern web and mobile applications are driving the massive growth of NoSQL in major enterprises, where Couchbase is a leader. The use of NoSQL is becoming standard for certain critical use cases such as: globally distributed user profile management, session store management, high-performance caching, content and metadata store management and data aggregation. Billions of users access Couchbase everyday through eCommerce sites, social sites and ad network platforms. For a list of customers click here

Couchbase Helps Amadeus Power the Travel Industry

Today’s travel industry is seeing rapid growth, high customer expectations, fierce competition and pressure on margins. It’s a market driven by new technologies, new entrants and new business models. Amadeus, the leading Global Distribution System (GDS) and the biggest processor of travel bookings in the world, looks to NoSQL and Couchbase to meet stringent data management needs within a demanding industry.

Betfair Bets on Couchbase NoSQL

Betfair, one of the world’s largest international online sports betting providers. Betfairs Exchange processes more than seven million transactions every day, more than all European stock exchanges combined, 99.9% of which are completed in under one second. The Betfair technical team relies on NoSQL technology to power their consumer-facing web and mobile businesses, and Couchbase is the database behind its production systems.

Couchbase Helps OMGPOP Scale Draw Something to 50 Million Users in 50 Days

When OMGPOP launched Draw Something - a pictionary-like game that was going viral - they knew they absolutely had to scale their database to fully capitalize on their unprecedented growth opportunity. Using Couchbase Server, they were able to sustain performance and never had to take the game offline, even as the number of users and volume of game data rapidly accelerated.

Orbitz Takes Off with Couchbase

Orbitz is one of the most active travel websites in its market, logging millions of flight and hotel searches searches on an average day. Its hotel rates site is the most profitable segment—and where the company initially deployed Couchbase Server to overcome some of the limitations of existing RDBMS and caching technologies.