Thank you! CouchConf SAN FRANCISCO July 29, 2011

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Thank you for a great event!

CouchConf San Francisco was a great event! Thanks to everyone who joined us for a day in the city – and a special thanks to our fantastic sponsors.

Presentations are available for most of the conference sessions (see below).

Learn more about upcoming conferences here: CouchConf World Tour.

CouchConf San Francisco Sept 21, 2012

Thanks to our Sponsors!

Conference highlights:

  • Technology updates and a look ahead from Couchbase technologists, including Apache CouchDB inventor Damien Katz
  • A technically rich agenda, packed with breakout sessions covering CouchDB, Membase Server, Couchbase Mobile, and related technologies.
  • The Couchbase Lounge – hands-on support for your Couch questions and a comfortable place to just hack.
  • Couchbase Developer Award winners were announced at the show.
  • A fabulous party – see the photos!

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CouchConf San Francisco Presentations

Track 3 Sessions    
Track 2 Sessions    
Track 1 Sessions    
General Sessions    
Orchestrating New Cloud Services: Mark Baker (Canonical)    
Couchbase on the Cloud with RightScale: Pavel Pragin (RightScale) Slides  
Amazon Web Services: Usman Shakeel (AWS) Slides  
Accelerate User Access Without Rewriting Applications: Steve Pope (Solarflare) Slides  
Deploy and Autoscale Apps in the Cloud with OpenShift and Couchbase (RedHat) Slides  
Tilera+Couchbase: How to Get Your Cake and Eat It Too: Ihab Bishara (Tilera)    

Using ioMemory to Enhance Membase Performance and Resiliency: Mitch Crane (Fusion)

Scalarium and CouchDB: Jonathan Weiss (Peritor Solutions) Slides  
Building with CouchDB: Sam Bisbee (Bocoup) Slides  
Developing Native iOS Apps with Couchbase Mobile: Jens Alfke (Couchbase) Slides  
Couchbase-Hadoop Integration: Mike Wiederhold (Couchbase) Arvind Prabhakar (Cloudera) Slides  
Advanced MapReduce: Brian Mitchell (Constant Contact)    
Couchbase, jQuery and You: Dustin Sallings (Couchbase) Slides  
Couchbase Performance Tuning: Tim Smith (Couchbase) Slides  

BigCouch: The Why and How: Paul Davis (Cloudant)

Document Databases in Online Publishing: Irakli Nadareishvili (NPR) Slides  
Couchbase 2.0 – Live Demo!: Frank Weigel, Damien Katz (Couchbase) Slides Video
Developing Apps Using Couchbase: Jan Lehnardt, Matt Ingenthron (Couchbase) Slides  
Introduction to MapReduce: Alan McKean Designing (Couchbase) Slides  
Designing Couchbase Documents: Benjamin Young (Couchbase) Slides  
Couchbase Server 2.0 in Production: Perry Krug (Couchbase) Slides Video
Database Synchronization and Replication Party!: J Chris Anderson (Couchbase) Slides  
Location-Aware Applications and GeoCouch: Volker Mische (Couchbase)   Video
Mobile Application Development and CouchSync: J Chris Anderson (Couchbase) Slides Video

Opening Session: Bob Wiederhold, Damien Katz, Richard Hipp

Closing Session: Damien Katz, J Chris Anderson Slides  



Track 1
Track 2
Track 3
8:30am - 9:00am
Registration and Continental Breakfast
9:00am - 9:30am
Welcome and Opening Session
9:45am - 10:25am
Tour of Couchbase 2.0 - Live Demo!
Building with CouchDB
Orchestrating New Cloud Services With Ubuntu
10:25am - 10:45am
10:45am - 11:25am
Developing Applications
Using Couchbase
Developing Native iOS Apps
with Mobile Couchbase
Couchbase on the Cloud with RightScale
11:30am - 12:10pm
Introduction to MapReduce
Couchbase-Hadoop Integration
Amazon Web Services
12:10pm - 1:15pm
1:15pm - 1:55pm
Designing Couchbase Documents
Advanced MapReduce
Accelerate User Access Without Rewriting Applications
2:00pm - 2:40pm
Couchbase Server 2.0 in Production: 24x7 Cluster Ops and Maintenance
Hands-on jQuery and CouchDB
Deploy and Auto-Scale Apps in the Cloud with OpenShift and Couchbase
2:40pm - 3:00pm
3:00pm - 3:40pm
Database Synchronization and Replication Party!
Couchbase Performance Tuning
Tilera + Couchbase: How to Get Your Cake and Eat It Too
3:45pm - 4:25pm
Location-Aware Applications
and GeoCouch
BigCouch: The Why and How
Using ioMemory to Enhance Membase Performance and Resiliency
4:30pm - 5:10pm
Mobile Application Development
and CouchSync
Document Databases in Online Publishing (NPR)
Scalarium and CouchDB
5:15pm - 6:00pm
Closing Session:  A Look Ahead
Awards and Recognition
6:00pm - 8:00pm
Happy Hour After Party
First drink’s on us!