Couchbase Services and Training

High-performance deployments deserve high-caliber services.

Couchbase offers product training, a QuickStart program, and consulting, all designed to make your NoSQL database deployments smooth and successful. Couchbase services are cost-effective and can help you increase your team’s skill level with specific Couchbase products, jumpstart a new Couchbase project, migrate from a relational database, effectively scale your application or upgrade your data cache to a data store.



Couchbase QuickStart Program

Do you need our QuickStart program?  If you answer “yes” to more than a few of the questions below, you are likely a good fit for a Couchbase QuickStart.

  • Do you want to rapidly evaluate the capabilities of Couchbase Server but have limited time to read through the documentation, learn best practices, and complete a test implementation?
  • Are you having difficulty getting your initial implementation to work the way you expected?
  • Do you want an expert to get you started on the right path so you waste no time learning  basics of Couchbase?
  • Could your team benefit from the assistance of a consultant who can quickly communicate best practices and transfer valuable implementation knowledge?
  • Could your team benefit from an independent review of your evaluation criteria or pilot project plan?

Couchbase Consulting Services

Customers who answer “yes” to the self-assessment questions below may be a good fit for Couchbase consulting services.

  • Do you need consultants on a project basis only?
  • Would it help to have a Couchbase or memcached expert available to your application development team for help implementing the database or caching layer?
  • Could you benefit from an expert to help you decide what data you can safely move from your relational database into a Couchbase solution?
  • Could your development team benefit from an independent architectural review of your database or caching layer, and its elasticity as the number of application users grows?

Working with Couchbase

Couchbase consultants have deep expertise and real-world experience in implementing and managing data stores and caching layers. When you use our consultants to supplement your team, you can reduce the time, effort and costs of building, deploying, and managing your Couchbase application. Couchbase consultants will:

  • Act as a member of the team as directed by the team leader
  • Help load or migrate data from the existing system
  • Recommend best practices
  • Help devise and implement performance measurement strategies
  • Help tune and optimize your implementation
  • Help improve scalability, high availability, and reliability

Training: Couchbase Learning Services

Couchbase offers the best hands-on lab-intensive classroom training in the industry, on NoSQL application development and NoSQL server administration, regularly scheduled in cities across North America and worldwide. Couchbase Also offers webinars and online tutorials and video learning, available 24/7. For more information click here.