Customer Stories

The worlds largest enterprises choose Couchbase for the most demanding web and mobile applications.

The scalability, performance and flexibility requirements of modern web and mobile applications are driving the massive growth of NoSQL in major enterprises, where Couchbase is a leader. The use of NoSQL is becoming standard for certain critical use cases such as: globally distributed user profile management, session store management, high-performance caching, content and metadata store management and data aggregation. Billions of users access Couchbase everyday through eCommerce sites, social sites and ad network platforms. For a list of customers click here’s Secret Ingredient for Scalability

Allrecipes — the world’s largest, fastest growing digital food brand — receives more than a half a billion visits annually from cooks who create, save and share food experiences through recipes, reviews, photos, blog posting and more. As their peak traffic season approached, Allrecipes knew it was time to look for a new solution for scaling data on their website. They now use Couchbase Server to alleviate scaling issues and have increased reads-per-second by 10x. 

McGraw-Hill Education

McGraw-Hill Education continues to innovate, transforming education from a textbook-based model to a next-generation, fully-digital, interactive and self-adapting learning portal model. Learn how McGraw-Hill Education combines Couchbase Server and Elasticsearch to build rich applications and learning aids for professors and students.

Nami Media Uses Couchbase to Grow the Business

As a service provider to online marketing companies, Nami Media handles an extremely high volume of web traffic, which they initially supported using memcached alongside a MySQL relational database. However, the Nami Media team wanted two key things that memcached simply doesn’t offer: fault tolerance and data persistence. To solve their issues Nami Media selected Couchbase Server, which provides them with fault tolerance, data persistence and high availability that they lacked.