Why Couchbase scales better than any other NoSQL database

Don't make database scalability an after thought. Plan for it just like you plan app scalability. It's easy to scale your database layer with Couchbase Server, whether within a cluster or across clusters in multiple data centers. With one click of a button, no downtime, and no changes to your app, you can grow your cluster from 1 to 25 to 100s of servers while keeping the workload evenly distributed.


Couchbase Scalability Features

Clone to Grow with Auto-Sharding
With Couchbase Server, you can add (or remove) servers in your cluster with the click of a button, easily keeping resources in step with the changing needs of your application. By adding servers, you horizontally scale your application with more RAM and I/O capacity.

Auto-sharding distributes data uniformly across servers, enabling direct routing of requests to the appropriate server without any application changes. Adding (or removing) a server initiates data rebalancing across the cluster with continuous data availability. Learn more about these administrative tasks. You can manage clusters with the Couchbase Server administration web interface or the Couchbase Server management REST API.


Cross-Cluster Replication
No other NoSQL database provides cross cluster replication as seamlessly as Couchbase does. You can replicate data across multiple clusters in different datacenters for disaster recovery or to get data closer to your end users for a better user experience. Data can be replicated uni-directionally or bi-directionally with the ability to read and write to either cluster. 

Download the Cross Datacenter Replication white paper to learn more about scaling your data.


Customer Case Study

Betfair bets on Couchbase NoSQL
Betfair needed extreme elasticity because of the amount of bets being placed through their platform. The flexibility and scalability of Couchbase NoSQL promised to reduce a lower time to delivery, which reduces the time between development concept and cash in the door.

Betfair found that Couchbase was inherently scalable, witn an impressive ability to add nodes under load without affecting performance. Replication helps them avoid failure cascades when under load.

Learn more about the Betfair use case in their own words.

Scaling in the Cloud

Running Couchbase on AWS
Scaling Couchbase in the cloud is easy. This detailed white paper contains everything you’ll need to know to design, setup, monitor and maintain your Couchbase installation. You will learn how to design for performance, durability, and scalability, and how to choose the right EC2 instances types. The paper includes a detailed discussion of Couchbase’s Cross Datacenter Replication (XDCR) and shows you how to use it for disaster recovery and geographic replication.

Download the white paper.


Scaling in the private cloud with HP Moonshot
Today's interactive applications are accessed 24x365 by millions of web and mobile users, and the volume and velocity of data they generate is growing at an unprecedented rate. Traditional technologies are hard pressed to keep up with the scalability and performance demands of these new applications. Couchbase NoSQL database technology combined with HP's Moonshot System is a powerful offering for customers who want to easily develop interactive web and mobile applications and run them reliably at scale. See the full white paper

Couchbase Server Performance on HP ProLiant
Get a jump start on your application and system development by reviewing the HP ProLiant test configurations and results. See the technical white paper.