Couchbase Server Connectors

NoSQL databases are growing in popularity and use for managing the data behind interactive web and mobile apps, for companies of all sizes and across numerous industries. As a result, having connectors between these NoSQL databases and other data sources is growing in importance. We work with a growing number of software partners to develop and deliver the Couchbase Server connectors our customers need to successfully integrate Couchbase into their company’s overall data management landscape. Below is the full list of Couchbase Server connectors.

Couchbase Hadoop Connector

The Couchbase Hadoop Connector has been developed in conjunction with Cloudera to allow Hadoop users an easy method of moving data back and forth between Couchbase and Hadoop. These two systems are commonly deployed alongside one another: Couchbase for operational data and Hadoop for data analytics.

The combination of Couchbase Server and Cloudera's distribution of Hadoop simplify the development of simple, fast, scalable apps backed with the ability to create value from big data.

Couchbase Plug-in for Elasticsearch

Together, Couchbase and Elasticsearch enable you to build richer and more powerful apps with full-text search, indexing and querying and real-time analytics for use cases such as content stores or aggregating data from varied data sources.

The plug-in for Elasticsearch extends Couchbase Server’s flexibility even further, allowing users to build self-adapting interactive applications.

Couchbase Talend Connector

The Couchbase Talend connector provides ETL capabilities to connect Couchbase databases to and from all other data stores and systems across the organization, ensuring smooth synchronization and migration of all data in enterprise IT environments.

As NoSQL adoption becomes more mainstream, Couchbase and Talend will enable customers to manage the complexity and variety of data formats required for modern applications.