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  • July 15, 2014

    NoSQL for mobile and multi-modal NoSQL

    Join Phil Fehre and Matthew Revell in Dublin at 7 pm for an evening of NoSQL exploration! Two great talks for this meet-up, including:

    Couchbase Mobile: a NoSQL database for mobile and embedded devices. 

    Polyglot Persistence & Multi-Model NoSQL Databases: graph and document NoSQL from ArrangoDB.

  • August 23-24, 2014

    Red Frog Conf 2014

    The RedFrog is an event for people interested in Ruby on FrOSCon. The conference will focus on Ruby in the broadest sense: whether Rails or Ruby motion whether JRuby or Rubinius, development or operations, design patterns or developer culture.

    Join Phil Fehre from Couchbase and other Ruby experts at RedFrog!

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  • September 8-11

    SpringOne 2GX

    Pivotal and No Fluff Just Stuff bring you SpringOne 2GX 2014, a one-of-a-kind conference for application developers, solution architects, web operations and IT teams who develop business applications, create multi-device aware web applications, design cloud architectures, and manage high performance infrastructure. Join Couchbase's Michael Nitschinger for his Couchbase Spring Talk!

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  • September 26, 2014 - September 28, 2014

    XDA Developer Conference

    The main objective of the XDA Developer Conference is very simple: to take what XDA Developers normally do in their forum and bring it live to maximize the experience and to learn from the very best. Most importantly, it aims to do so while having fun, just like the hobby this is meant to be. You will learn, laugh and have fun in the true spirit of XDA – collaboration.

    Join Couchbase's Matthew Revell as he takes an in depth look at mobile development!

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  • October 6 - 8, 2014

    Couchbase Connect

    Couchbase Connect will provide three days of real-world successes, hands-on tutorials, and technical content for building NoSQL skills and planning big data projects, as well as industry and use case content showcasing how best to leverage NoSQL. The conference will focus on connecting people through engaging discussions, direct engineer-to-developer engagements and incredible after-hours events.

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  • October 15, 2014 - October 17, 2014

    Strata + Hadoop World

    Strata + Hadoop World is where cutting-edge data science and new business fundamentals intersect—and merge. You'll get up to speed on emerging techniques and technologies by dissecting case studies, develop new skills through in-depth tutorials, share emerging best practices in data science, and imagine the future.

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  • October 27, 2014 - October 29, 2014

    Big Data TechCon

    Big Data TechCon features practical, how-to classes and tutorials for IT and Big Data professionals, including data and business analysts, developers, software architects, data scientists, and project managers. Big Data TechCon is the how-to Big Data training conference for professionals implementing and analyzing Big Data. Attend Big Data TechCon to get practical Hadoop training, classes on MapReduce, R, Hive and Pig. Take a Big Data analytics tutorial, dive deep into NoSQL, learn how to master Mongo DB and Cassandra, discover best practices for using graph databases and more - from Avro to ZooKeeper, you'll get the best Big Data training at BigData TechCon!

    Join Couchbase's Dipti Borkar, Shane Johnson and Chris Anderson discuss Big Data at TechCon!

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  • October 20, 2014 - October 31, 2014

    DroidCon London 2014

    Want to find out about all the latest Android advances, listen to expert speakers, see fantastic new technologies, and meet the international Android community? Then come and join Droidcon London, the largest Android developer conference in Europe!

    Join Couchbase's Phil Fehre as he discusses Android development!

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  • November 19, 2014 - November 21, 2014

    Strata Barcelona

    The best minds in data will gather in Barcelona this November for the O'Reilly Strata Conference to learn, connect, and explore the complex issues and exciting opportunities brought to business by big data, data science, and pervasive computing. Strata Conference is where big data's most influential business decision makers, strategists, architects, developers, and analysts gather to shape the future of their businesses and technologies. If you want to tap into the opportunity that big data presents, you want to be at Strata. Strata Conference delivers the nuts-and-bolts foundation for building a data-driven business—the latest on the skills, tools, and technologies you need to make data work—alongside the forward-looking insights and ahead-of-the-curve thinking O'Reilly is known for.

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