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  • 8月 28, 2013
    VentureBeat NoSQL startup Couchbase raises $25M with sales up 400%

    The company is one of a handful that is taking on Oracle’s relational database. Couchbase and NoSQL rival DataStax claim to handle higher volumes of data at faster speeds than traditional SQL databases.

  • 8月 20, 2013
    Tools Journal We Win In Scalability & Performance Area Among Top NoSQL Databases Says Couchbase CEO
  • 7月 30, 2013
    Linux Insider Couchbase's Bob Wiederhold: Riding High on Big Data with NoSQL
  • 7月 26, 2013
    Business Software Couchbase: Scalability, Performance and Ease For Documented-Oriented NoSQL Databases
  • 6月 28, 2013
    Database Journal Couchbase 2.1 Improves Open Source NoSQL Database Health
  • 6月 28, 2013
    InformationWeek Couchbase Takes On Oracle, MongoDB And Cassandra
  • 6月 27, 2013
    GigaOm Prepare for change! This is not your father's database industry
  • 6月 26, 2013 Should I buy Oracle? 3 Pros, 3 Cons
  • 6月 26, 2013
    ZDNet Couchbase 2.1 GAs
  • 6月 12, 2013
    Integration Developer News Talend, Couchbase Team Up to Ease Adoption of NoSQL for Big Data Solutions
  • 6月 11, 2013
    The VAR Guy Talend and Couchbase Partner on Open Source NoSQL for Big Data
  • 4月 11, 2013
    CRN Big Data 100: Data Management
  • 4月 8, 2013
    LeMagit NoSQL : des entreprises US affûtent leur stratégie en Europe
  • 4月 1, 2013
    IT Trends & Analysis Big Data, NoSQL, MySQL And Other DBMS Mythconceptions
  • 3月 28, 2013
    InfoWorld How to teach a JavaEE app new NoSQL tricks (using Couchbase)
  • 3月 27, 2013
    ComputerWeekly NoSQL database firms step up attack on relational in UK and Europe
  • 3月 25, 2013
    ReadWrite Enterprise When NoSQL Databases Are - Yes - Good For You and Your Company
  • 3月 25, 2013
    SiliconANGLE A Move into the Modern Web World: NoSQL + the Enterprise
  • 3月 21, 2013
    InfoWorld NoSQL Showdown: MongoDB vs. Couchbase
  • 3月 6, 2013
    ZDNet Korea 카우치베이스-N2M, 국내 NoSQL 시장 맞손

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