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  • 10月 17, 2013
    EFY Times 10 Best Open Source Data Center And Cloud Software

    Unlike majority of relational databases, Couchbase Server does not compel you to create a schema before you insert data in it. Memcached library is one unique attribute of Couchbase Server, which allows developers to flawlessly transition from a memcached environment and get data replication, durability, and zero application downtime.

  • 10月 16, 2013
    GigaOm A new startup called KuroBase is doing Couchbase as a service

    If you’ve ever wanted to use the Couchbase NoSQL database but didn’t feel like managing servers, a San Mateo, Calif.-based startup called KuroBase says it has you covered with its new service.

  • 10月 15, 2013
    Silicon Angle NoSQL Market Snapshot: Past, Present, and Future

    Over the past few years, NoSQL has gained significant traction and has become the database type of choice for many organizations. As the name implies, NoSQL is defined by what it is not. This makes the term very generic, as technically, any database that is not written in the SQL language could be NoSQL.

  • 10月 2, 2013
    GoMo News Why NoSQL is important for mobile app developers

    As Bob Wiederhold explained to GoMo News, with NoSQL technology you can squeeze a pretty powerful database onto the storage space available on a typical smartphone or tablet. How do you keep the information in the database with truly up-to-date data? How do you store the database data in the cloud so that you don’t lose it? The answer is a decent synchronisation engine and that’s exactly what Couchbase has got with its Sync Gateway.

  • 9月 27, 2013
    Forbes Are Alien Vault And Couchbase Headed Towards 2016 IPOs?

    Couchbase seems to be on a faster growth trajectory. On September 14, it announced “a new mobile strategy with tools that make it the first vendor with a native NoSQL database for mobile devices.” And Couchbase’s mobile business model is pretty clear. As Wiederhold explained, “The database is free and we will charge customers for the synch gateway that enables them to connect mobile devices to the cloud.”

  • 9月 27, 2013
    Computer Business Review Couchbase predicts relational database demand will drop below 50%

    Couchbase, a provider of NoSQL database technology, said it expects demand for relational databases to fall below 50% as the market moves towards NoSQL technology.

  • 9月 26, 2013
    Cloud Tech News Couchbase CEO: Let Oracle, SAP, IBM play in the “old” database market

    With cloud syncing combined with the only mobile NoSQL database, Wiederhold not unsurprisingly believes Couchbase to be ahead of rivals such as MongoDB – who confirmed to The Register earlier this month that they didn’t have anything lined up in that area – and DataStax.

  • 9月 26, 2013
    GoMo News Couchbase unleashes the smartphone’s processing power

    Couchbase has found a way of harnessing it by running an extremely powerful database on the smartphone itself. Plus it can process the kind of serious amounts of data users are now able to store inside their handsets, too. Offer that for free as Couchbase Lite and it is no wonder that developers and third parties are knocking on Couchbase’s door to get involved.

  • 9月 19, 2013
    MarketWatch Couchbase Named Winner in InfoWorld's 2013 Bossie Awards

    Couchbase was recognized as having one of "the best open source big data tools" and being one of "the best of open source data center and cloud software" products. The InfoWorld Bossie Awards honor the best open source software for business by identifying the most promising and cost-effective products available to IT organizations.

  • 9月 16, 2013
    Street Insider Couchbase Announces Availability of Couchbase Server 2.2 NoSQL Document Database

    "Couchbase is being used by the largest companies in the world for their most critical web and mobile applications. This release further differentiates Couchbase as the NoSQL database of choice for customers that depend on the scalability, performance and reliability we deliver both within and between data centers." - Rahim Yaseen, Senior Vice President, Engineering, Couchbase

  • 9月 16, 2013
    InformationWeek Couchbase Takes NoSQL Mobile

    "Having a local database gives you much better response times and it ensures that applications are always available because you're not dependent on a network connection to access your data," said Couchbase CEO Bob Wiederhold in a phone interview with InformationWeek. "We think mobile app developers building data-intensive applications are going to want a local database."

  • 9月 16, 2013
    Computer Business Review Couchbase launches first NoSQL database for mobile devices

    Couchbase SVP of products, Rahim Yaseen, commented on JSON Anywhere: "An explosive combination of the growth in the number of devices together with increasingly powerful device hardware footprints, in terms of cores and memory, opens up the potential for a new class of data intensive and device local applications.

  • 9月 16, 2013
    Computerworld Singapore Couchbase open source data store goes mobile

    Couchbase is a key/value document store that sends and receives data through the JSON (JavaScript Object Notation), a protocol for exchanging information between two systems that is fairly easy for developers to understand and work with.

  • 9月 15, 2013
    TMCnet Couchbase Announces Availability of Couchbase Server 2.2 NoSQL Document Database [Global Data Point]

    Today's release further strengthens Couchbase's leadership in scalability, performance and always-on reliability for enterprises deployed on large clusters both within and across data centers. Couchbase Server 2.2 includes significant improvements across several areas critical to enterprise customers.

  • 9月 15, 2013
    Cloud Computing Today Couchbase Releases “JSON Anywhere” Strategy Marked By First NoSQL Database For Mobile Devices

    Couchbase Lite represents the breakthrough innovation given that it marks the “first native NoSQL database for mobile devices” targeted at highly interactive, dynamic software applications. By using a NoSQL database for mobile development, developers can free themselves from the constraints of relational databases and more easily integrate and utilize data stored by applications residing on their mobile device.

  • 9月 14, 2013
    App Developer Magazine Couchbase Announces Native NoSQL Database for Mobile App Development

    Efforts to bring JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) to mobile app development has taken a step forward with the announcement of Couchbase’s JSON Anywhere program allowing developers to bring JSON on the device, on the wire, and in the cloud.

  • 9月 14, 2013
    Computerwrold India News Couchbase Open Source Data Store Goes mobile

    Couchbase is launching a version of its namesake NoSQL open source data store that can run on mobile devices, called Couchbase Lite. Companies such as McGraw-Hill, Orbitz, LinkedIn and the Amadeus travel booking service all have used Couchbase.

  • 9月 14, 2013
    Tools Journal Couchbase Announces First NoSQL Database For Mobile Devices

    A JSON Anywhere Strategy in layman terms translates to JSON on the device, JSON on the wire and JSON in the cloud. To materialize the strategy Couchbase announced three new products; Couchbase Lite, Couchbase Sync Gateway, and Couchbase Cloud. And yes, as with Couchbase Server all the products are 100% Open Source and available under Apache 2.0 license.

  • 9月 13, 2013
    The Register Couchbase relaxes NoSQL derrière into mobile seats

    The Couchbase Lite database was announced by the company on Friday as part of its "JSON Anywhere" strategy, which sees it also create a new data syncing service and a cloud test and development "sandbox" platform. We asked MongoDB Inc, the steward of the MongoDB database, whether it had plans for a mobile locally-deployable version of Mongo: "We don't currently offer a version of MongoDB for mobile devices," former Reg scribe and current MongoDB head of strategy Matt Asay told us via email.

  • 9月 13, 2013
    GigaOm Couchbase rolls out native NoSQL databases for iOS, Android

    NoSQL startup Couchbase is trying to stake its claim as the go-to database for mobile apps with a new product designed specifically for iOS and Android devices. Called Couchbase Lite, it’s built to run directly on a phone or tablet rather than in the cloud, where the databases powering most mobile applications currently run The company is getting some help from a handful of application-development platforms in its mission to make Couchbase Lite a standard component. It will be integrated into the Antenna, Appcelerator, Apperian, Adobe PhoneGap, Sencha and Xamarin platforms.

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