[MB-746] DNS lookups don't work on Windows Created: 14/Mar/10  Updated: 05/Jun/11  Resolved: 19/May/11

Status: Resolved
Project: Couchbase Server
Component/s: UI
Affects Version/s: 1.6.4
Fix Version/s: 1.7 alpha 1

Type: Bug Priority: Critical
Reporter: Trond Norbye Assignee: Unassigned
Resolution: Fixed Votes: 0
Labels: 1.6.0-release-notes,
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Environment: Operating System: Windows
Platform: All

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Release Note

If I try to join another node by specifying the hostname of the server instead of using dotted decimal I get an error message saying:

'Attention - Failed to resolve address for "windows". The hostname may be incorrect or not resolvable. '

I am able to run the following command from cmd.exe:
C:\Program Files\NorthScale\Developer Kit\bin>nslookup windows
Server: speedtouch.lan

Name: windows.lan

Comment by Trond Norbye [ 14/Mar/10 ]
Created an attachment (id=161)
Comment by Trond Norbye [ 14/Mar/10 ]
(version is 0.9.3 devkit)
Comment by Trond Norbye [ 14/Mar/10 ]
this looks like 320, please verify
Comment by Matt(old) Ingenthron (Inactive) [ 14/Mar/10 ]
I remember MB-204, but it was a different issue. The resolution on 320 had to do with the way we were dropping in and installing erlang I believe.

In any event, I will try some hostname resolution after getting through BAT right now. I'm confident menelaus is doing the right thing, but there may be a case that erlang isn't handling.

This may be P3able, if it only resolves when using fqdn. Did you try that by chance?
Comment by Steve Yen [ 14/Mar/10 ]
per discussion with rod, to P3 for 1.0.
Comment by Dustin Sallings (Inactive) [ 17/Mar/10 ]
Moving open bugs from 1.0 to later.
Comment by Steve Yen [ 03/Jun/10 ]
Aliaksey, I think this should be probably fixed "for free" as part of delayed IP addr assignment enhancement.
Comment by Alk (old) Kondratenko (Inactive) [ 04/Jun/10 ]
Not sure. I've been using hostnames instead of addresses since cluster joining was working. And at least on linux erlang is resolving names via libc name service switch facility (i.e. usual gethostbyname, not some kind of home brewed async DNS resolver), so that mDNS names (like epsilon.local) work too.

So this should be something win-specific, I guess.
Comment by Alk (old) Kondratenko (Inactive) [ 22/Sep/10 ]
I need this tested on windows.
Comment by Perry Krug [ 24/Sep/10 ]
Assigning to our QA department for testing. Thuan, can you check this out specifically on Windows?
Comment by Alexandra Zhuravlyova [ 24/Sep/10 ]
The issue is reproduced.
Node with names w2008x64qa.altoros.corp or w2008x64qa were not added though the node is accessible through web using this names.
UI error: Attention - Could not connect port mapper at "w2008x64qa" (tcp port 4369). With error Reason nxdomain. This could be due to firewall configured between the two nodes.

Log is attached.
Comment by Alexandra Zhuravlyova [ 24/Sep/10 ]
Created an attachment (id=648)
Comment by Alk (old) Kondratenko (Inactive) [ 24/Sep/10 ]
erlang on windows clearly has issue with name resolution:

Erlang web shell 0.01 (dennis:killme2008@gmail.com)
1> inet:gethostbyname("google.com").
2> inet:gethostbyname("localhost").
3> inet:gethostbyname("gwwin.altoros.corp").

pinging from cmd.exe to gwwin.altoros.corp and google.com works.
Comment by Perry Krug [ 28/Sep/10 ]
Raising the priority of this since DNS seems broken on Windows.
Comment by Alk (old) Kondratenko (Inactive) [ 29/Sep/10 ]

CC-ing Dmitry
Comment by Sean Lynch (Inactive) [ 30/Sep/10 ]
There's no time to fix name resolution on Windows - this problem is not specific to us and there's not an easy fix.
Comment by Trond Norbye [ 30/Sep/10 ]
If this is an Erlang bug, is it reported upstream ?
Comment by Alk (old) Kondratenko (Inactive) [ 30/Sep/10 ]
See see my link on ejabberd bug report. It has links to upstream bug report and discussion.
Comment by Perry Krug [ 16/Nov/10 ]
The Erlang link seems to indicate that this issue is fixed. Can we import that into our Erlang?
Comment by Perry Krug [ 16/Nov/10 ]
tagged: releasenotes
Comment by Perry Krug [ 07/Dec/10 ]
Not sure why this was closed, it needs to remain open as the problem is not fixed.
Comment by Perry Krug [ 28/Jan/11 ]
A Pivotal Tracker story has been created for this Issue: http://www.pivotaltracker.com/story/show/9309683
Comment by Sean Lynch (Inactive) [ 07/Feb/11 ]
We can use ejabberd's fix for this.
Comment by Aaron Miller (Inactive) [ 20/Apr/11 ]
Native resolver works on windows now. Registry hack not necessary since we only need to look up A and AAAA records.
Comment by Perry Krug [ 10/May/11 ]
Perry Krug deleted the linked story in Pivotal Tracker
Comment by Perry Krug [ 19/May/11 ]
Reopening to edit
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