[MB-7097] Large document is causing the browser (IE9 and Chrome) to crash on Windows 2008r2 Created: 05/Nov/12  Updated: 11/Sep/13  Resolved: 05/Aug/13

Status: Closed
Project: Couchbase Server
Component/s: UI
Affects Version/s: 2.0, 2.0.1
Fix Version/s: 2.2.0
Security Level: Public

Type: Bug Priority: Major
Reporter: Mike Wiederhold Assignee: Shashank Gupta
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Operating System: Ubuntu 64-bit

I have a large document cached (about 3.2MB on disk) on a one server instance running in Windows 2008R2. When I attempt to bring this document up in the web admin console, or to create a view from it, it freezes and eventualy crashes the web browser. This is happened whether the document is json or binary, and in Chrome and IE9. Retrieving the document through the .NET client works fine however.


Comment by Mike Wiederhold [ 05/Nov/12 ]

Can you assign this issue to someone on your team since I don't have access to a windows machine. If it is reproducible then do we want to fix it for 2.0 or move it to 2.0.1.
Comment by Farshid Ghods (Inactive) [ 05/Nov/12 ]
can you please try loading this document via chrome on linux ?
Comment by Mike Wiederhold [ 05/Nov/12 ]

This bug is filed against Windows, but it would be good to double check linux too.
Comment by Iryna Mironava [ 06/Nov/12 ]
tested with build 1941:
<manifest><remote name="couchbase" fetch="git://"/><remote name="membase" fetch="git://"/><remote name="apache" fetch="git://github.com/apache/"/><remote name="erlang" fetch="git://github.com/erlang/"/><default remote="couchbase" revision="master"/><project name="tlm" path="tlm" revision="12abea946eafd7411273d18a10ae1f84390db3d4"><copyfile dest="Makefile" src="Makefile.top"/></project><project name="bucket_engine" path="bucket_engine" revision="70b3624abc697b7d18bf3d57f331b7674544e1e7"/><project name="ep-engine" path="ep-engine" revision="40a391bf0cb727283db97e4734da570313c3638a"/><project name="libconflate" path="libconflate" revision="2cc8eff8e77d497d9f03a30fafaecb85280535d6"/><project name="libmemcached" path="libmemcached" revision="ca739a890349ac36dc79447e37da7caa9ae819f5" remote="membase"/><project name="libvbucket" path="libvbucket" revision="00d3763593c116e8e5d97aa0b646c42885727398"/><project name="membase-cli" path="membase-cli" revision="dea2bae7b4a3a062d22e3d5db82e48961dce0804" remote="membase"/><project name="memcached" path="memcached" revision="7ea975a93a0231393502af4ca98976eee8a83386" remote="membase"/><project name="moxi" path="moxi" revision="52a5fa887bfff0bf719c4ee5f29634dd8707500e"/><project name="ns_server" path="ns_server" revision="67b4898e7ff536d16cecdd5129ae7a2d10f1239e"/><project name="portsigar" path="portsigar" revision="1bc865e1622fb93a3fe0d1a4cdf18eb97ed9d600"/><project name="sigar" path="sigar" revision="63a3cd1b316d2d4aa6dd31ce8fc66101b983e0b0"/><project name="couchbase-examples" path="couchbase-examples" revision="544688dc56420faaf6f25946dd4b3ef3f7c15286"/><project name="couchbase-python-client" path="couchbase-python-client" revision="006c1aa8b76f6bce11109af8a309133b57079c4c"/><project name="couchdb" path="couchdb" revision="b68b5f40e0911db7de651b457e6a79a5937ff810"/><project name="couchdbx-app" path="couchdbx-app" revision="a1cbfcaa0091b4b7038bbe949b9d48787cc526eb"/><project name="couchstore" path="couchstore" revision="b5937c4479bf05dcc67264efe19abaf52870a127"/><project name="geocouch" path="geocouch" revision="849d5443689b1924f097548af864c539bffcc929"/><project name="mccouch" path="mccouch" revision="88701cc326bc3dde4ed072bb8441be83adcfb2a5"/><project name="testrunner" path="testrunner" revision="d72ffef6a19d0421d40cc5ce9ff65673f113ee1b"/><project name="otp" path="otp" revision="b6dc1a844eab061d0a7153d46e7e68296f15a504" remote="erlang"/><project name="icu4c" path="icu4c" revision="26359393672c378f41f2103a8699c4357c894be7" remote="couchbase"/><project name="snappy" path="snappy" revision="5681dde156e9d07adbeeab79666c9a9d7a10ec95" remote="couchbase"/><project name="v8" path="v8" revision="447decb75060a106131ab4de934bcc374648e7f2" remote="couchbase"/><project name="gperftools" path="gperftools" revision="8f60ba949fb8576c530ef4be148bff97106ddc59" remote="couchbase"/><project name="pysqlite" path="pysqlite" revision="0ff6e32ea05037fddef1eb41a648f2a2141009ea" remote="couchbase"/></manifest>

I didn't reproduce exactly the same issue, browser is not freezed, but documents screen doesn't show any documents both windows and linux (attaching screenshots) and query results doesn't displayed all expected documents (api works ok)
Comment by Iryna Mironava [ 06/Nov/12 ]
Please let me know if you need more information
Comment by Steve Yen [ 06/Nov/12 ]
happens for blobs and for json.

per bug-scrub mtg, options...

- check if doc too large and not display or display only 1st N lines
- key priority is to ensure the console does not crash

do not want a server-side fix; instead client-side fix is sought at this point

keeping this open for now for a day or so to see if we can get a fix
Comment by Aleksey Kondratenko [ 06/Nov/12 ]

Try to fix this one.

Basic idea is _before_ parsing document as json, check if it's bigger than 2-3 kbs and if it is just show some reasonably nice error.

Something similar can be done for those base64-encoded non-json docs if possible
Comment by Steve Yen [ 08/Nov/12 ]
if not fixed by Friday, it's not in for 2.0.
Comment by Steve Yen [ 09/Nov/12 ]
moved to 2.0.1 per bug scrub
Comment by Farshid Ghods (Inactive) [ 28/Dec/12 ]

is thie change uploaded to gerrit already ?
Comment by Farshid Ghods (Inactive) [ 09/Jan/13 ]
per bug scrub moving this to 2.0.2
Comment by Maria McDuff (Inactive) [ 25/Mar/13 ]
bug scrub: moving to 2.1. need changes to document editing.
Comment by Mike Wiederhold [ 07/Jun/13 ]
A user who is hitting this issue. Might be good to raise this priority above minor. [EDIT] Raised to major.

Comment by Pavel Blagodov [ 10/Jun/13 ]
http://review.couchbase.org/#/c/22678/ this is change uploaded to gerrit
Comment by Mike Wiederhold [ 13/Jun/13 ]
Please make sure that this also gets merged to the 2.1.1 release.
Comment by Pavel Blagodov [ 29/Jul/13 ]
Comment by Shashank Gupta [ 11/Sep/13 ]
Verified with build 2.2.0-821-rel
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