[MB-6972] distribute couchbase-server through yum and ubuntu package repositories Created: 19/Oct/12  Updated: 05/Sep/14

Status: Reopened
Project: Couchbase Server
Component/s: build
Affects Version/s: 2.1.0
Fix Version/s: 3.0
Security Level: Public

Type: Improvement Priority: Blocker
Reporter: Anil Kumar Assignee: Phil Labee
Resolution: Unresolved Votes: 3
Labels: devX
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Release Note

this helps us in handling dependencies that are needed for couchbase server
sdk team has already implemented this for various sdk packages.

we might have to make some changes to our packaging metadata to work with this schema

Comment by Steve Yen [ 26/Nov/12 ]
to 2.0.2 per bug-scrub

first step is do the repositories?
Comment by Steve Yen [ 26/Nov/12 ]
back to 2.01, per bug-scrub
Comment by Steve Yen [ 26/Nov/12 ]
back to 2.01, per bug-scrub
Comment by Farshid Ghods (Inactive) [ 19/Dec/12 ]
please sync up with Farshid and get instructions that Sergey and Pavel sent
Comment by Farshid Ghods (Inactive) [ 28/Jan/13 ]
we should resolve this task once 2.0.1 is released .
Comment by Dipti Borkar [ 29/Jan/13 ]
Have we figured out the upgrade process moving forward. for example from 2.0.1 to 2.0.2 or 2.0.1 to 2.1 ?
Comment by Jin Lim [ 04/Feb/13 ]
Please ensure that we also confirm/validate the upgrade process moving from 2.0.1 to 2.0.2. Thanks.
Comment by Phil Labee [ 06/Feb/13 ]
Now have DEB repo working, but another issue has come up: We need to distribute the public key so that users can install the key before running apt-get.

wiki page has been updated.
Comment by kzeller [ 14/Feb/13 ]
Added to 2.0.1 RN as:


We now provide Couchbase Server as a yum and Debian package
Comment by Matt Ingenthron [ 09/Apr/13 ]
What are the public URLs for these repositories? This was mentioned in the release notes here:
Comment by Matt Ingenthron [ 09/Apr/13 ]
Reopening, since this isn't documented that I can find. Apologies if I'm just missing it.
Comment by Dipti Borkar [ 23/Apr/13 ]
Anil, can you work with Phil to see what are the next steps here?
Comment by Anil Kumar [ 24/Apr/13 ]
Yes I'll be having discussion with Phil and will update here with details.
Comment by Tim Ray [ 28/Apr/13 ]
could we either remove the note about yum/deb repo's in the release notes or get those repo locations / sample files / keys added to public pages? The only links that seem that they 'might' contain the info point to internal pages I don't have access to.
Comment by Anil Kumar [ 14/May/13 ]
thanks Tim, we have removed it from release notes. we will add instructions about yum/deb repo's locations/files/keys to documentation once its available. thanks!
Comment by kzeller [ 14/May/13 ]
Removing duplicate ticket:

Comment by h0nIg [ 24/Oct/13 ]
any update? maybe i created a duplicate issue: http://www.couchbase.com/issues/browse/MB-9409 but it seems that the repositories are outdated on http://hub.internal.couchbase.com/confluence/display/CR/How+to+Use+a+Linux+Repo+--+debian
Comment by Sriram Melkote [ 22/Apr/14 ]
I tried to install on Debian today. It failed badly. One .deb package didn't match the libc version of stable. The other didn't match the openssl version. Changing libc or openssl is simply not an option for someone using Debian stable because it messes with the base OS too deeply. So as of 4/23/14, we don't have support for Debian.
Comment by Sriram Melkote [ 22/Apr/14 ]
Anil, we have accumulated a lot of input in this bug. I don't think this will realistically go anywhere for 3.0 unless we define specific goals and some considered platform support matrix expansion. Can you please create a goal for 3.0 more precisely?
Comment by Matt Ingenthron [ 22/Apr/14 ]
+1 on Siri's comments. Conversations I had with both Ubuntu (who recommend their PPAs) and Red Hat experts (who recommend setting up a repo or getting into EPEL or the like) indicated that's the best way to ensure coverage of all OSs. Binary packages built on one OS and deployed on another are risky, run into dependency issues.
Comment by Anil Kumar [ 28/Apr/14 ]
This ticket specially for distributing DEB and RPM repositories through YUM and APT repo. We have another ticket for supporting Debian platform MB-10960.
Comment by Anil Kumar [ 23/Jun/14 ]
Assigning ticket to Tony for verification.
Comment by Phil Labee [ 21/Jul/14 ]
Need to do before closing:

[ ] capture keys and process used for build that is currently posted (3.0.0-628), update tools and keys of record in build repo and wiki page
[ ] distribute 2.5.1 and 3.0.0-beta1 builds using same process, testing update capability
[ ] test update from 2.0.0 to 2.5.1 to 3.0.0
Comment by Phil Labee [ 21/Jul/14 ]
re-opening to assign to sprint to prepare the distribution repos for testing
Comment by Wayne Siu [ 30/Jul/14 ]
has build 3.0.0-973 be updated in the repos for beta testing?
Comment by Wayne Siu [ 29/Aug/14 ]
Please refresh it with build 3.0.0-1205. Thanks.
Comment by Phil Labee [ 04/Sep/14 ]
Due to loss of private keys used to post 3.0.0-628, created new key pairs. Upgrade testing was never done, so starting with 2.5.1 release version (2.5.1-1083).

upload and test using location http://packages.couchbase.com/linux-repos/TEST/:

  [X] ubuntu-12.04 x86_64
  [X] ubuntu-12.04 x86
  [X] ubuntu-10.04 x86_64
  [ ] ubuntu-10.04 x86

  [X] centos-6-x86_64
  [ ] centos-6-x86
  [ ] centos-5-x86_64
  [ ] centos-5-x86

Also need to upload and test openssl098:

  [ ] ubuntu-10.04 x86_64
  [ ] ubuntu-10.04 x86
  [ ] centos-5-x86_64
  [ ] centos-5-x86

Can probably skip the 32-bit platforms.
Comment by Anil Kumar [ 04/Sep/14 ]
Phil / Wayne - Not sure whats happening here please clarify.
Comment by Phil Labee [ 05/Sep/14 ]
failed to install on centos-6-x86, neither with current attempt, nor with packages uploaded in May
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