[MB-5535] erlang OS is not able to retrieve IP address in some conditions ( UI shows "[16:14:07] - IP address seems to have changed. Unable to listen on 'ns_1@'." message every second after installing 1.8.1 on a windows 7 vm) Created: 12/Jun/12  Updated: 11/Oct/13  Resolved: 04/Feb/13

Status: Closed
Project: Couchbase Server
Component/s: ns_server
Affects Version/s: None
Fix Version/s: 2.0.1
Security Level: Public

Type: Bug Priority: Major
Reporter: Farshid Ghods (Inactive) Assignee: Sriram Melkote
Resolution: Duplicate Votes: 0
Labels: 1.8.1-release-notes, windows
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Attachments: Text File ns-diag-20120612161417.txt     Text File ns-diag-20120628215947.txt     Zip Archive ns-diag-20120703134305.zip     PNG File Screen Shot 2012-06-12 at 4.14.39 PM.png    

i did not change the IP on this box. this showed up right after installing 1.8.1 on this windows 7 vm

Comment by Aleksey Kondratenko [ 12/Jun/12 ]
May I ask you to try 2.0 on same box? 2.0 has different code that should have better chance of working. If that's the case I'll just backport that fix
Comment by Aliaksey Artamonau [ 12/Jun/12 ]
I've seen this several times on 2.0 HEAD.
Comment by Thuan Nguyen [ 13/Jun/12 ]
Integrated in github-ns-server-2-0 #374 (See [http://qa.hq.northscale.net/job/github-ns-server-2-0/374/])
    MB-5535:bp:use gen_udp instead for address changed alert testing (Revision eb37c7ba772149d6cf4838bd10bc3af35227de1d)

     Result = SUCCESS
Aliaksey Artamonau :
Files :
* src/menelaus_web_alerts_srv.erl
Comment by Farshid Ghods (Inactive) [ 03/Jul/12 ]
i changed VM network settings from NAT to bridged and i didn't see this issue anymore in the installation. so i think this bug only appears when VM uses NAT settings to connect to the network
Comment by Aleksey Kondratenko [ 03/Jul/12 ]
Well, windows picks ip at install time. I think we're doing something like picking least IP address. So change of setting may just change set of IP addresses on this host and "fix" it.
Comment by Farshid Ghods (Inactive) [ 03/Jul/12 ]
issue exists on the latest 2.0 builds. diag attached.
Comment by Aleksey Kondratenko [ 04/Oct/12 ]
In latest diags I see this:

[ns_server:error] [2012-07-03 13:43:04] [ns_1@<0.9898.0>:menelaus_web_alerts_srv:can_listen:330] gen_udp:open failed due to eaddrnotavail

Which implies indeed this address is not available anymore. Or at least erlang/OS thinks so.

Given we decided to avoid completing proper fix for ip address selection _and_ we have a known workaround (pick address manually) I don't think that's must have for 2.0 and maybe even for resolving as 'Incomplete'
Comment by Farshid Ghods (Inactive) [ 04/Oct/12 ]
based on Aliaksey's comment i recommend deferring this to .next
Comment by Sriram Melkote [ 03/Jan/13 ]
The specific issue of picking up 169.254 addresses has been fixed in 2.0.1 via MB-7417. The larger IP address change after install still remains.
Comment by Dipti Borkar [ 04/Feb/13 ]
Siri, is this a dupe of the bug you fixed or does it relate to the larger IP problem?
Comment by Sriram Melkote [ 04/Feb/13 ]
Dipti - closing it as a dupe as the title indicates 169.254 which is the specific problem I fixed
Comment by Sriram Melkote [ 04/Feb/13 ]
The specific incorrect chosen range is duplicated by MB-7417 and fixed
Comment by Maria McDuff (Inactive) [ 11/Oct/13 ]
closing as dupes.
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