Couchbase PHP client library




  • Lead: kzeller

Issues: Unresolved

  • Task PCBC-268 Due Date: 04/Mar/14 Publish docs for PHP SDK May 2014 release
  • Task PCBC-275 Create PHP Getting Started for 2.0
  • Task PCBC-274 Create docs branch for PHP SDK 2.0

Issues: Updated recently

  • Bug PCBC-202 Today 12:30 AM Missing documentations how to setup php client on windows 7
  • Task PCBC-252 Today 12:20 AM change doc zipfile to create a directory of couchbase-php-client-x.y.z and be in a zipfile of similar name
  • Task PCBC-275 Today 12:14 AM Create PHP Getting Started for 2.0

Versions: Unreleased