Couchbase .NET client library




The core library

Issues: Unresolved

  • Bug NCBC-551 After a hard Failover in flight operations continue to use failed over node
  • Task NCBC-561 During a Hard Failover -1 is returned in VBucketMap for Primary and all Replicas
  • Bug NCBC-587 Cannot access a disposed object in DefaultIOStrategy.Finalize()

Issues: Updated recently

  • Bug NCBC-598 Today 9:24 AM ServerUnavailableException after rebalance (in CouchbaseBucket.Get)
  • Bug NCBC-597 Today 3:07 AM [vpn run] Couchbase.Configuration.Server.Serialization.BootstrapException: Could not bootstrap from configured servers list
  • Bug NCBC-591 Today 2:10 AM NullReferenceException in Couchbase.Configuration.Server.Providers.Streaming.HttpStreamingProvider.GetBucketConfig

Versions: Unreleased

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