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customer ns_server-story performance system-test windows info-request supportability 1.8.1-release-notes 2.0-release-notes PM-PRIORITIZED 1.7.0-release-notes regression 1.7.1-release-notes 2.0-dev-preview-4-release-notes pblock upr usability releasenote 1.8.0-release-notes scrubbed documentation 2.0-beta-release-notes 2.0.1-release-notes 3.0-Beta 2.5.1 2.5.0-dp1 windows_pm_triaged approved_rc2 2.0c-release-notes 1.6.0-release-notes candidate-for-1-7-2 security next_sprint 1.7.2-release-notes smoke-tests c-block 2.0.2-release-notes trunk-green-blockers large-cluster-testing devX web-dashboard ns_server 2.0.1-candidate rebalance need_info memcached candidate-for-1.8.1 2.0-DP3-release-notes large_perf community #memcached warmup upgrade stats non-root moxi install cccp Windows zynga xdcr_pr ui transferred spymemcached ep-engine 1.6.4-release-notes xdcr view-engine unix scalability rightscale release-checklist readme musicservice eperf console cli build approved_rc3 UI web views view upr-rebalance unit-test rpm rest memory-accounting longevity log limitations hotfix erlang doc-editing compile clients candidate-for-1.8.0 beta-feedback auto-failover R16 2.0.0-hotfix 2.0-beta-3-release-notes 2.0-alpha-release-notes 2.0 1.0-release-notes #SmartOS zip xmem xdcr-upr xdcr-rest windiws webui wait_seqno_persisted_failed viewquery u than tests swap suse stuck statstore spatial service sec-x-datacenter-replication sec-other sdk restart rest-clients replication rebalance-hang qa-tests python-tests post php pending opaque network n1ql mixed-version memory membase logging limit less knowledgebase json javaclient java issue i3-project help gui forums failover enterprise editor ec2 downstream_max downstream_conn_max debian dataloss crash cpu couchdb couchbase-ruby-client corrupt compatible compaction cloud client cbhealthchecker cbdocloader candidate-for-1.8.2 call bulk bucket_engine beam.smp backup archive api ami XDCR-Stats XDCR UPR SmargOS Sizing Perf_Optimization IE Disk CLI AMI 60 2.5.0 2.2.0-release-notes 2.2 2.1.1 2.1 2.0.0-release-notes 2.0-hotfix 2.0-cloud 2.0-beta-2-release-notes 1.8.1-refresh 1.8.0-release-notes-docced 1.7.2-release-notes-docced #libcouchbase