Couchbase Server




Major Release

Issues: Unresolved

  • Task MB-10887 Due Date: 23/May/14 [Doc] Cluster-wide diagnostics gathering - collect_info from UI across cluster
  • Task MB-10888 Due Date: 23/May/14 [Doc] XDCR memory-based replication
  • Task MB-10889 Due Date: 23/May/14 [Doc] View consistency via memory-based indexing

Issues: Updated recently

  • Task MB-12084 Yesterday 4:51 PM Create 3.0.0 chef-based rightscale template for EE and CE
  • Bug MB-10437 Yesterday 4:51 PM XDCR replication rate drops almost to zero in presence of light write workload on src side
  • Bug MB-12217 Yesterday 3:36 PM Wrong parameter order in xdcr debug message