Couchbase Server




Major Release

  • Due:25/Jul/14

Issues: Unresolved

  • Task MB-10887 Due Date: 23/May/14 [Doc] Cluster-wide diagnostics gathering - collect_info from UI across cluster
  • Task MB-10888 Due Date: 23/May/14 [Doc] XDCR replication without persisting to disk on source
  • Task MB-10889 Due Date: 23/May/14 [Doc] Index building without persisting to disk on source [using UPR]

Issues: Updated recently

  • Bug MB-10946 Yesterday 10:24 PM last_sent_seqno > end_seqno can be sent when items are deduped
  • Bug MB-10908 Yesterday 10:18 PM beam.smp RSS grows to 50GB during delta recovery causing OOM killer invocation and rebalance failure
  • Bug MB-10702 Yesterday 9:56 PM We don't properly ship the nru bits in upr