Couchbase Server




Major Release

Issues: Unresolved

  • Task MB-10887 Due Date: 23/May/14 [Doc] Cluster-wide diagnostics gathering - collect_info from UI across cluster
  • Task MB-10888 Due Date: 23/May/14 [Doc] XDCR memory-based replication
  • Task MB-10889 Due Date: 23/May/14 [Doc] View consistency via memory-based indexing

Issues: Updated recently

  • Bug MB-11532 Today 5:16 PM {TAP}: Failover + Add Back results in views taking longer time to return results
  • Bug MB-11680 Today 5:12 PM Graceful failover to continue not allowed after we stop it
  • Bug MB-11665 Today 5:12 PM {UPR}: During a 2 node rebalance-in scenario :: Java SDK (1.4.2) usage sees a drop in OPS (get/set) by 50% and high error rate