Couchbase Server



Issues: Unresolved

  • Improvement MB-10126 Due Date: 20/Jun/14 It would be nice if make simple-test didn't flood the console
  • Task MB-8860 Relocatable RPM - Test relocatable couchbase-server RPM installation
  • Bug MB-10012 cbrecovery hangs in the case of multi-instance case

Issues: Updated recently

  • Bug MB-11946 Last Tuesday 7:01 AM performance.eperf.EVPerfClient.test_minimal from simple-test does not work standalone
  • Task MB-11148 Updated: Last Friday 9:53 PM Need upgrade path from 2.x capi/xmem XDCR TAP to 3.0 xmem XDCR UPR
  • Bug MB-11188 Last Friday 7:40 PM RemoteMachineShellConnection.extract_remote_info doesn't work on OSX Mavericks

Versions: Unreleased

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