Couchbase Server




Issues: Unresolved

  • Bug MB-6232 ep-engine needs 1.5 minutes to create 1k vbuckets. Seems too slow (faster with barrier=0)
  • Improvement MB-8022 Fsync optimizations (remove double fsyncs)
  • Bug MB-8054 Couchstore's mergesort module, currently used for db compaction, can buffer too much data in memory

Issues: Updated recently

  • Bug MB-11981 Last Tuesday 5:57 PM [3.0.0-1166-Windows] items are stucked in ep-engine queue
  • Bug MB-7690 Last Tuesday 5:49 PM couchstore compactor interleaves byseq btree nodes and doc bodies
  • Bug MB-11307 Last Monday 3:23 AM [memcached] Function call argument is an uninitialized value

Versions: Unreleased

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