Couchbase Server




Issues: Unresolved

  • Bug MB-11589 Sliding endseqno during initial index build or upr reading from disk snapshot results in longer stale=false query latency and index startup time
  • Bug MB-11917 One node slow probably due to the Erlang scheduler
  • Bug MB-12349 [Windows]65% regression from 2.5.1 in Rebalance after failover with views and query workload.

Issues: Updated recently

  • Bug MB-12375 Today 7:43 PM 315% regression in 80th percentile query latency with 1 Bucket, 20M docs, non-DGM scenario with 4x1 views
  • Bug MB-12446 Today 6:48 PM queries against views have changed from 2.x to 3.x
  • Bug MB-12466 Today 11:56 AM Query Latency, 80th percentile, for 1 Bucket, 100M doc, 2KB/doc, DGM, 4x1 Views 500 mutations/sec/node, 400 Qops

Versions: Unreleased

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