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Issues: Unresolved

  • Task MB-12607 Due Date: 31/Jan/15 View Query Performance
  • Bug MB-11589 Sliding endseqno during initial index build or upr reading from disk snapshot results in longer stale=false query latency and index startup time
  • Bug MB-11917 One node slow probably due to the Erlang scheduler

Issues: Updated recently

  • Bug MB-12697 Last Friday 4:16 PM QueryViewException: Error occured querying view default0: {u'reason': u'lexical error: invalid char in json text.\n'}
  • Bug MB-12699 Last Friday 4:15 PM [3.0.2] View query failed with error "lexical error: invalid char in json text"
  • Bug MB-12729 Last Friday 9:43 AM Replica index is not triggered even when partition sequence > replicaUpdateMinChanges set

Versions: Unreleased

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